Vendor Shops - The Grass Company

Founded In : 07 Mar 2019


One of the most prominent cannabis specific shops is The Grass Company. However, hash listings are also included. It was first introduced in the list of dark net markets back in 2018 and has been since gaining popularity. The owners of the grass company darkweb market have already worked with some of the reputed deep web marketplaces on the Tor network such as Alphabay, Hansa Market, Dream Market, Wall Street, Empire Market, Core Market and many more.

The shop ships their products worldwide but with exceptions such as Australia, India, USA and some other countries. Some of the most promising features of the platform include 2FA, cryptocurrency acceptance (BTC, XMR and LTC), completely walletless, PGP, live chat support, and a gambling game. However, the hidden marketplace lacks multisig and escrow features.

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