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Founded In : 02 Feb 2021

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The Cypher Market is a darknet market that was created back in 2020. Since then, it has proved itself to be one of the most trusted and long standing darknet markets. The deepweb market does not possess a traditional wallet but is a walletless and escrow marketplace on the tor network. This means that the buyers have to place the order with their money without having to deposit anything before ordering just like any online store.


A variety of products are offered through the platform. This includes drugs of all kinds to counterfeit items, malware, guides and tutorials. However, similar to most of the darknet markets that exist today, there are a couple of restrictions mentioned on their website. Phishing protection is an addition with mandatory PGP and 2FA. FE is available to trusted vendors only while the marketplace lacks multisig. BTC and XMR are the only crypto accepted as of now.