Darkweb Markets - World Market Exit Scam

Founded In : 11 Feb 2020

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The World Market was one of the most renowned dark web markets available in the list of darknet markets. Some of the available products in the market include Drug, Counterfeit, Drugs, Services and more. Since it is a bitcoin-only market, no other cryptocurrencies are currently accepted. This is a wallet-less market and thus, all the payments are required to be made in advance. The withdrawal fee set for the market is 0.5% while the BTC deposits require 2 confirmations, All the deposit histories are purged automatically in 7 days. The vendors do have to pay a small fee to be able to sell on the platform. The market also offers 2-FA, mnemonic code and a security PIN. Take a deep note on the fact that the website does not offer Login Phrase. Therefore, you have to be careful of phishing URLs. The market also features an autoshop permitting you to buy cards and bank accounts almost instantly.

World Market went Offline. Check Alternative Dark web market Links

Note: Use VPN for Maximum Security