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Founded In : 08 Jun 2021

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ASAP Market is one of the biggest dark web marketplace with top-notch security and performance. In the initial phase it was launched as the Asean market and later relaunched as ASAP market. It is an all purpose darknet market having primary focus on drugs of all varieties. The hidden market boasts nearly 17,000 listings from categories Stimulants, RCs, Cannabis & Hash, Drug Paraphernalia, Steroids, Barbiturates, Fraud, Weight Loss, Ecstasy, Prescription, Opioids, Counterfeits, Dissociatives, Digital Goods, Benzos, and Psychedelics. They are the first to introduce a dead drop with maps feature. 

The tor-based market is free to browse without any registration. However, registration is mandatory for purchasing products from the marketplace. The market features an escrow system of payments and buyers can decide whether to use it or not. Multi-signature is also available with the drug marketplace.

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