10 Best Bitcoin Shared Hosting Services For Privacy And Anonymity
Last updated : May 22, 2024

10 Best Bitcoin Shared Hosting Services For Privacy And Anonymity


Explore the world of Bitcoin shared hosting services, where your privacy and anonymity take center stage. Discover how these services stand out compared to regular hosting options.

In this blog you will discover a list of 10 anonymous hosting providers with their pros and cons to help you confidently pick the ideal Bitcoin shared hosting service that suits your individual requirements and choices. 

But before that, let us first understand the basic question.

That said, you can also host your website on Tor using Whonix.



What Is Bitcoin Hosting?


Bitcoin Hosting is essentially regular web hosting services that you can pay for using Bitcoins, a digital cryptocurrency. In terms of the hosting features and services, there's usually no difference between using Bitcoins or traditional payment methods as compared to the uncensored hosting providers' services.

It's worth mentioning that certain hosting providers might have separate policies, especially regarding refunds, for Bitcoin payments as opposed to other payment options.

When it comes to the realm of anonymity within Bitcoin Shared Hosting Services, it's essential to understand that while Bitcoin payments can provide an extra layer of privacy, complete anonymity is not always achievable. 

Hosting providers typically necessitate a certain level of personal information for account creation and service management. 

So, while Bitcoin Hosting does offer enhanced privacy, it doesn't guarantee absolute anonymity. 

It's a balance between privacy and convenience that users must consider.

Now, let's delve into the details of each of the mentioned Bitcoin Hosting companies.


1. Shinjiru




  • Strong emphasis on anonymity.
  • Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.
  • Offers offshore server locations.
  • can trust them with their 30-day money return terms.




  • Limited options for live chat (Wickr/Skype).
  • No free SSL certificate, CDN, or free domains.


Shinjiru, the one of the top offshore hosting providers that's making waves, known for its unwavering commitment to safeguarding your anonymity and privacy. 

They've got something special up their sleeves: the ability to buy domain hosting with crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you're all about online anonymity and keeping your financial matters hush-hush, then Shinjiru is the hosting partner you've been looking for.

But what truly sets Shinjiru apart? It's their wholehearted dedication to ensuring your anonymity and financial safety.


2. NameCheap




  • Offers a free domain for the first year.
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments.
  • Choice of server locations.
  • NameCheap stands behind their services with a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind as you explore their hosting solutions.
  • 24/7 live-chat support.




  • No free CDN provided.


Among the other Bitcoin Shared Hosting Services, NameCheap offers shared hosting with a variety of server locations, a free domain for the first year. They have 24/7 live-chat support and accept Bitcoin. 


3. HostSailor




  • Offshore hosting with servers in the Netherlands and Romania.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • money return in 14 days policy.




  • Limited server locations.
  • No free CDN offered.


HostSailor's offshore hosting services are an excellent choice for those who prioritize privacy and data protection. 


However, the limited server locations and the absence of a free CDN may be factors to consider based on your specific hosting needs and audience reach.


4. Glowhost




  • 91-day money-back guarantee, one of the longest in the list.
  • Offers free domains for the first year.
  • 24/7 live-chat support.
  • Free CDN included.




  • No free CDN offered.


Glowhost is a feature-rich hosting provider, offering four shared hosting plans with a 91-day money-back guarantee, which is one of its premium features. 

They provide free domains for the first year and have 24/7 live-chat support. Allows you to buy web hosting with bitcoin.


5. UltaHost




  • Unlimited space and bandwidth on all plans.
  • Free domain and SSL certificate.
  • 24/7 live-chat support.




  • Limited server-location options.


UltaHost, one of the web hosting services accepting crypto that caters to those who value anonymity and robust hosting services.