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Last updated : June 19, 2024

10 Best Dark Web Search Engines 2024 You Need To Checkout Now


The deep web provides the exact sense of what it sounds. The underground internet is that portion of the World Wide Web that is never indexed by the traditional search engines. The traditional search engines are those that we use on a daily basis such as Google, Bing or related. The underground internet is much bigger than what you might believe and requires the dark web search engines. A fact states that the websites that you surf regularly including Wikipedia and various social media sites such as Facebook, is even less than 1% of the total internet. 





How It All Started?


With the initial phase of the Tor network before the Tor browser had been introduced in 2002, the deep web and the dark web users had looked around for various solutions to get into these hidden websites. The dark web market links were the first to quickly emerge through the directory websites or the hidden wiki sites that enlisted several bundles of the .onion websites. These included marketplaces, vendor shops and the forums. All of these lists were not always updated while many of the links had been found broken. However, it was just the starting phase. 

Later, with the introduction of the dark web search engines, the people were able to collect the most recent results from the search engines from the various marketplaces and forums. Nevertheless, two prominent challenges are still present that the darknet search engine users will experience. The first is that most of the search engines for dark web are only limited to searching the Tor network. They do not cover the other similar networks such as I2P, Zeronet and more. The second is that a handful of the dark web search engines continuously discover the latest sources. 

As the dark network sites and channels aim to offer maximum anonymity, they are not connected to each other intentionally. This makes it difficult to discover the new channels. If the search engines are devoid of these two capabilities, they will never offer enough robust coverage and the ability to continuously deliver the accurate data or the comprehensive search results diminish.


The Accurate Picture of The Internet


It is literally impossible for the beginners to search for a dark web website on the Tor browser. They are usually unaware of the working abilities of these search engines and how these hidden search engines help. 

For a layman, there exists only one kind of the internet. The one that we access on a day-to-day basis. However, there are three main parts of the complete internet. One needs to know all the parts to accurately understand the picture of how it works. 


  • The Surface Web


The surface web or the clearnet is that part of the internet that is never hidden and that people use on a regular basis. It consists of all the web pages that the normal search engines like Bing and Google can index. Since, the web pages are not hidden and are indexed, it makes it possible for the people to see it.


  • The Deep Web


The deep web is a part of the hidden network where all the pages located there are protected and thus they are not indexed by a search engine. This protection results in the arrival of various forms such as passwords. An example of such kind of protection is the private Instagram profile the content of which cannot be displayed in the usual search results like the Google Search Results or the Bing Search Results. 


  • The Dark Web


The dark web is also a part of the hidden internet. It houses all those websites that cannot be accessed using the usual browser. They require a different type of network to get you connected to these websites. This special variant of the network is known as “The Onion Router” or commonly termed as TOR. All the dark web websites use a .onion extension appended at the end instead of the top-level most used domains like .com or .org.


The first two are the usual ones of which the second remains hidden. But the actual mystery lies on the third type of the internet. The dark web makes up only a very tiny portion of the internet and contains only about over 65000 URLs. Out of these, only 8000 are working or are active while the others are non-functional owing to various issues.


Top 10 Dark Web Search Engines You Might Not Know


Attempting to learn how to search onion websites? Here is all that you will ever want. The dark web being the hidden part of the internet aids in a challenge. This is finding the websites that are hosted in them. These websites are not indexed, as said earlier, and thus it is impossible to find out through the regular search engine searches. Apart from this, there is another feature of the hidden websites. If you closely look at the website URL, you would understand that the website does not have any particular name. It is just a string of characters and numerals placed haphazardly and do not have any meaning to it. 

There are plenty of darknet search engines that have come up off lately. Here, we are discussing some of the best deep web search engines that will help you if you are on the Tor Browser.



1. DuckDuckGo (3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion)


The DuckDuckGo had been built with the unique selling point of never tracking its users. For a long time this search engine had been used as a replacement for Google by those people who prefer privacy over anything. Its offering of anonymity has taken it to the hidden wiki as well. It is also worth considering that this search engine is the default search engine of the Tor Browser. This says a lot about it being the best search engines for the dark web.


2. Torch (cnkj6nippubgycuj.onion)


The Torch is also known as TorSearch. It claims to be the oldest or the most primitive search engine for the dark web that has been there since the discovery of the search engines. It indexes over a billion pages that offers it considerable brownie points. There does not lie any censorship nor is it tracked. This allows all to make the complete use of the information that remains buried within the dark web. 


3. Recon (reconponydonugup.onion)


This is one of the most recent darknet search engines that was introduced by HugBunter. HugBunter is the owner of the dark web forum Dread. The dark web search engine focuses on serving as a database via which the users can look for the products listed by various vendors in the different dark web marketplaces. The platform also allows the individual profile viewing options for the vendors and the darknet markets. It includes specific details such as ratings, number of listings, uptime percentage and the mirror links. This onion websites search engine is one of the best.


4. (msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion)


Ahmia bears an interesting thing. It lets the users browse the dark web websites or the dark web links utilizing the usual browsers such as the Google Chrome. However, you would require the Tor browser to access all the .onion sites. Ahmia also has a variant that comes with a .onion extension. The site also offers the usage statistics that are categorized by the unique and simple search queries. Simple and unique search results are also available for both the Tor and the I2P (Invisible Internet Project) networks. One of the most important features of this deep web search engine is that it seems to be very simplistic while it is very functional simultaneously. People can also add their own dark web hidden service to its database with just one click.


5. notEvil (hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion)


notEvil is the best example of simplicity. It is believed to have been modelled following Google. It has also been reported that it has taken its name from the motto of Google which was “Don’t Be Evil”. The platform offers the users with multiple options from which they can select their results. The parameters are: URLs, Titles or both of them in combination.


6. Candle (gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion)


Candle is a recent deep web search engine that was built 3 years back. It has been inspired by Google, one of the most popular clearnet search engines. The dark web search engine has attempted to imitate the look and feel of Google. This has yielded good traffic with the number of websites continuing to grow daily. There are various email providers on the dark web. Candle helps you to conduct deep web email search.


7. Haystak (haystakvxad7wbk5.onion)


Haystak deserves a mention in this list of the darknet search engines as it has advertised itself to have indexed over 1.5 billion web pages. However, it should be noted that most of the darknet sites may not work as many of them remain offline or are wiped away constantly. Additionally, it also offers a premium version that one can order using a contact form.


8. Kilos (dnmugu4755642434.onion)


Kilos is one of such search engines on the deep web that was launched back in November 2019. It offers an amazing platform to the cybercriminals for finding answers to the questions they often wanted to have an answer to. The platform has also helped them to find services on the dark web and helped them deal with the right person on the Tor network for their criminal motives.

If someone wants to secretly deal with Bitcoin (BTC), all they have to do is type the relevant keywords in order to receive the appropriate results. However, it comes with a drawback. The investigating researchers have concluded that Kilos search engines mostly help the cybercriminals rather than someone who is eager to learn.


9. Tor66


It is a darknet search engine that aims to provide high quality search results for all the .onion sites. The submissions of the onion websites on this search engine are open to the public. The Tor66 search engine makes money via the various paid search ads and the advertisements. It includes the content from the marketplaces. 


10. Grams


Grams is one of those dark web search engines that offers information to all drug hunts. With the depths of this search engine, the users can effectively search for the dark net drugs that are open to sale on the majority of the web pages. It also performs as a deep web video search engine.



Grams Alternatives


On searching about the best dark web search engines on the internet, you would be able to find a couple more of them. One of them is the deep web pipl search. It has also gained popularity these days. But, the fact is not all of them work like the ones that are mentioned here. You will know about how to use onion search engine with this article for sure. So you need to try out these search engines like nothing else.

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