Popular Things You Can Purchase From The Dark Web Marketplaces
Last updated : July 25, 2024

25+ Popular Things You Can Purchase From The Dark Web Marketplaces


The dark web is the dark side of the internet and is kept concealed so that people without any experience or knowledge cannot enter. The dark web marketplaces, as it is beneficial, also possesses an immense threat to the users. Thus, they need to be extra careful before getting into it. All the necessary steps have to be taken in order to browse safely, such as getting a premium VPN and browsing on the Tor software.

The dark web deals with diverse criminal activities and a variety of illegal stuff are sold on the darknet every day. The dark web marketplaces have also garnered an enormous user base. In this article, we will cover the most popular things that you can get on the dark web. Some are even craziest of all!

But before that we will know how you can purchase goods.


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Beginner’s Guide: How To Buy Goods From The Dark Web


This guide is meant for the beginners or the novice. We will explain to you using an example for we feel that will be easier for you to understand all the steps. You may have had a rough idea of drugs selling openly on the darknet via the dark web marketplaces. So, taking that into account we will explain how you can purchase Cannabis or Marijuana (Weed) off a darknet market. 

Cannabis or marijuana have been legalized in various parts of the world while in the rest they are treated as illegal. Thus, for those places, people generally depend on the dark web to obtain it. Since it is your first time buying things on the darknet, you may feel that you have to go through several steps to complete a transaction. But when you get the hang of it, it would feel like purchasing things from Amazon. However, the difference is that the darknet offers you privacy which unfortunately Amazon does not provide.


Step 1: Buy Cryptocurrency


In order to purchase goods off the Amazon, you would require fiat currency. On the contrary, you would need cryptocurrency to place an order on the darknet. Bitcoin (BTC) is by far the most used cryptocurrency. However, some of the darknet markets (DNMs) prefer Monero (XMR) transactions over BTC or other cryptocurrencies. The sole reason is that Monero is considered a further private version of Bitcoin and makes it challenging for anyone to connect your real identity to your XMR transactions. If you are not engaging in the purchase of any harmful products, no one will be intrigued to know your real identity.

Thus, the first step is to buy bitcoin. You can take help from any peer-to-peer (p2p) exchange to buy BTC. This enables you to purchase bitcoins from individuals. You can check other methods of buying bitcoin as well.


Step 2: Access The Darknet Market Through Tor


As you already have some digital funds in your online wallet, in this step you need to access the chosen dark web market for purchasing cannabis. If you carefully see the URL of a dark web market, you will find that the extension is .onion. The standard browsers do not let you access the “.onion” sites. You would require the Tor browser to access the market. You can do so in two ways:

  • You can either download the Tor browser from the or
  • You can download Brave browser and click on the Menu (☰). Choose “New Private Window With Tor”.

When you are connected to the Tor browser, you have already completed your preparation to visit the darknet market. You can now copy paste the DNM URL and visit the market.

Note: You would need a strong and premium VPN to run in the background which will protect your real identity. Run the VPN first and then run Tor in your system.

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Step 3: Fund Your Darknet Wallet


After you enter the deep web market, check if you already have an account. If you don’t have you need to create one. After you are done, go to your account or look for the “Wallet” option as you get in. Locate a button saying either “Generate A Bitcoin Address” or “Deposit BTC”. As you do it, you will be given an address containing a series of numbers and letters such as: 1BvBMSEYstWetaTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN3

You will have to copy the complete address and paste it in the “Send Bitcoin To Address” tab of your p2p exchange or your personal Bitcoin Wallet and choose the quantity of Bitcoin you would like to transfer. You have to wait for 30 to 40 minutes to reflect the Bitcoin balance in the transferred wallet. 


Step 4: Browse The Darknet Market


The next thing is to browse the market to locate the product, here “cannabis”. Most of the darknet markets come with a search bar that enables you to locate your preferred product in a jiffy. Otherwise, you have to scour through the categories section of the market. Along with the search bar, there might be other filter options that you can utilize. 

What to check for in your chosen listing? Well, you need to carefully observe some of the parameters that the listing offers like:

  • Price
  • Description of the product (quantity and weight)
  • The seller’s comments.

It would be better if you take a screenshot of the products along with the market logo. This will work as proof if anything unlikely happens.

After everything seems perfect, you can either “Add to Cart” and then proceed from there or choose the “Buy” option. When you visit the order page, you will get a prompt to enter your delivery address and choose the type of postage. It is your sole choice to enter what details you would like to. 

The darknet market owners encourage the buyers to encrypt their order info using the Pretty Good Privacy or PGP. PGP scrambles the message engaging code that the supplier can only decode.

As you are done with this, click on “Submit” and your order is sent to the seller. Next the price of the product will get deducted from your market’s Bitcoin wallet.

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Goods & Services You Can Buy On The Dark Web


Below is a neatly tailored list of the products and services that you can grab on the dark web using cryptocurrencies. If you are getting into the deep web for the very first time, you must know about the e-commerce of the place. All the transactions that take place here are based on blockchain or cryptocurrency. The most popular cryptocurrency to date is Bitcoin (BTC). Monero (XMR) is also accepted in a couple of the deep web vendor shops and other stores.

So, let’s dive into the list of things that you can buy against crypto coins on the dark web marketplaces using Premium VPN with the Tor browser :


1. Bitcoin Lottery Tickets


Bitcoin lottery tickets that are meant to be used on the gambling websites are put up for sale for all the gamblers out there. The deep web markets are selling them at affordable rates.


2. Child Pornography


Yes, you can buy CP or child pornography along with other pornographic materials. But you really have to find out the websites that permit the trade of pornographic materials.


3. Counterfeit Currencies


There are a lot of .onion links on the tor that lets you buy counterfeit currencies. It has been seen that certain stores or vendor shops have opened up offering solely fake currencies.


4. Digital Goods


Digital goods of all varieties are readily available on the dark web marketplaces. You can also get some rare digital products or products that are usually not available on the clear web.


5. Drugs


Buy Weed From Darknet


Speaking of drugs, the maximum number of darknet markets are focused on selling illegal drugs such as cocaine, cannabis/marijuana/weed, LSD, Methamphetamine (Meth), Fentanyl, Psychedelics, Crack, MDMA (Molly) and more. Some poisonous substances are also available widely like Ricin. Apart from that, prescription drugs and other supplements are made available on these marketplaces under the drugs segment.


6. Fake Coupons


Fake coupons are widely available on the darknet markets. Recently there has been a bust on a darknet counterfeit coupon magnate named “Golden Lotus” that had costed the major companies at the minimum one million dollars for 25 cents off two boxes of cereals in coupons.


7. Fake Degrees


With the help of fake degrees, you would be able to get yourself “certified” from any university you prefer. You can also go ahead and frame your degrees.


8. Fake Passports


The dark web allows you to procure fake passports from almost all parts of the world. This obviously come with certain risks if it gets into wrong hands.


9. Government Data


The government institutions and organizations whose databases had been hacked are all sold on the darknet markets. The data are sold to the highest bidder.


10. Gulfstream Jets


An instance had revealed that people had found a slightly used Gulfstream Jet put up for sale on the most prominent now-defunct deep web market Silk Road. The price set for the jet was somewhere around $200,000.


11. Hacked PayPal Account


Just as any other stolen accounts can be purchased from the dark web marketplaces, hacked PayPal accounts are also available for purchase in the various markets on the Tor Network. The vendors collect fund-filled PayPal accounts and list them on their product selling page. The buyers purchase them based on the funds available and the amount of crypto they are willing to pay for that account. After procuring the account from the darknet sites, the buyers drain the accounts on their will.


12. Hackers-For-Hire


Hackers on both excellent purpose and as well as lousy purpose can be hired using the hackers-for-hire service from the dark web. Several websites focus mainly on providing hackers on hire.


13. Hitman-For-Hire


Hiring a hitman from the dark web seems pretty overwhelming. There is still a controversy whether it exists in the darknet despite its fame. Some claims to have had experienced the service while the others have flagged it under “scam” or “fake”.


14. Immortality Guides


Few immortality guides can also be spotted on the darknet black markets. One of such is Alok Jha’s “How to Live Forever: and 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Science.” This book can also be found on Amazon.


15. Netflix Accounts


Netflix accounts sell like hotcakes. Stolen Netflix accounts are widely made available for sale on the dark web markets for as little as few dollars. These are not that harmful. But could potentially be dangerous if they get into wrong hands as other crucial information can be extracted from the stolen credentials.


16. Plastic Explosives


Plastic explosives are available on the darknet. However, quality cannot be assured. It could cause danger to the one using it.


17. Pocket EMP Generator


A pocket-sized EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) generator was found on the dark web which is meant to jam the slot machines and extract credits. This was first spotted on a Chinese Deep Web site.


18. Rare/Banned Books


Some rare or banned books that are not available in the market or clear web owing to some reason are also available on the dark web. It is just that you need to have a proper idea of the dark web links where it is sold. Not all websites sell these books. It could also be a scam, so you need to research the marketplace before you buy stuff.


19. Silicon Masks


Various creepy Silicon masks that feel lifelike are sold on the dark web markets at affordable rates.


20. Social Security Number Cards (SSN Cards)


The darknet markets hoard social security number (SSN) cards. But you need to check the credit score before you buy them.


21. Spirits / Souls


This is probably the weirdest thing you can get on the darknet. Ghosts and spirits of the deceased children can be purchased on the dark web against a small crypto value. This is kind of baseless as souls cannot be seen or felt by touching them.


22. Stolen Accounts


Various stolen accounts such as bank account, credit card details, debit card details, social media accounts are all hacked and sold on the dark web. Hacked Uber accounts are also available. The price of them depends on the specific criteria.


23. Stolen Cars


Auto-theft has been quite common these days. Dark web performs as the best anonymous platform to trade stolen automobiles, especially expensive cars. In some other cases, cars are stolen on demand. The buyer places an order for a stolen car of his choice of brand and model. The thieves take around 3-7 days to steal the demanded car and then deliver that to the buyer’s address on an agreed-upon price.


24. Travel Tickets


Various tickets related to travelling can be found in different markets at a much lower price than the original.


25. Uranium


Uranium is used to manufacture atomic weapons. It is readily available on the dark web. Thus, it makes it, even more, comfortable for the terrorists to purchase uranium from the black markets going undetected.


26. Weapons


Several weapons, firearms, guns, bombs, grenades and other related weapons are sold openly on the dark web. Even rocket launchers are openly sold. You have the cryptocurrency to spend, and you have your chosen weapons.

Thus, it is clear that if you have cryptocurrencies and are ready to spend it in the black markets, you can buy anything and everything. But certain websites ban trading of a couple of things such as child porn, necrophilia, zoophilia materials, terrorism, lethal weapons, fentanyl and other toxic guides. If you are planning to visit any dark web link, make sure you follow all the safety measures including owing the best VPN.

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