Meth Slamming: How To Properly Shoot Up Methamphetamine
Last updated : June 19, 2024

Meth Slamming: How To Properly Shoot Up Methamphetamine


Slamming is the same as “shooting” just as shooting Heroin. These terms are associated with injecting the drugs in the veins for a heightened effect. That said, drug administration or consumption of drugs come in various forms where each has a different high point. Additionally, the method of drug consumption varies person to person as they choose what effect they would like to receive from their stuff.

In this article, I will reveal the proper way of meth slamming with some additional crucial information here and there.




How To Slam Meth: An Easy Beginner-Friendly Guide


Methamphetamine (commonly referred to as “meth” or “crystal meth”) is a stimulant drug with a high addictive potential. It is often used illegally for its high-rewarding effects.

Meth is often used in a binge and crash pattern, even with the crystal meth slam because the effects of the drug start and end very quickly.

However, the effects of meth vary depending on how it is used.

People use meth in various ways, such as smoking it, snorting it, or injecting it after it is dissolved in a liquid solution.

The method of administration depends on two factors: the crystal form and the orifice in which the drug is administered. If the crystal is solid, liquid, or gas, then the orifice we use determines which hole, or hole we must create, to deliver the drug into the body.

Each method of administration involves different preparations, different tools, and a different ritual. The method of administration of crystal alters the time it takes for the drug to take effect in the body. Some methods deliver the drug faster than others like meth slamming. It is important to note, however, that faster delivery does not necessarily mean better results. Faster delivery also means more potential harm.


Step 1: Make Your Hit Ready


  • Be sure to wash your hands and dispose of the container in which you are going to mix your drug. Soap and tap water are good options.
  • If available, sterile water should be used to mix the solution and ensure that the solution dissolves completely.
  • As you draw up your hit, filter it through a piece of clean cotton, and of course, use a new syringe! The filter will keep out small pieces of the drug, as well as some of the cut material. To filter the drug, simply draw clean water into the syringe, and shoot it out onto the crushed drug. The more finely you crush the drug, the easier it will dissolve. Once the drug is completely dissolved, simply place the cotton into the liquid, and wait until all of the liquid is absorbed.
  • Place the plunger fully depressed on the syringe and pull the plunger up. Insert the bevel or eye of the point in the middle of the cotton. Fill the syringe with the liquid dope and the water mixture.

Note: Cotton fever is not caused by cotton fibers, but by bacteria.

  • To remove air bubbles, shake or tap the device.
  • Press the plunger down as hard as you can until the drug reaches the tip of the barrel. Don’t push the plunger down too hard or the drug will come out of the syringe and be wasted. Do this until you have the desired amount in your syringe.
  • Only backload if you are in a rush. To do it, place the drug directly into the point’s barrel. Add water to the point and shake well.


Step 2: Get Yourself Prepared


  • Where do you want to shoot or conduct meth slamming? Look for a comfortable spot, such as the crook of the arm. Try to find the fattest and bluest vein. Rotate where you hit so you don’t wear out one spot. Keep in mind that neck veins, hand veins and leg veins are extremely risky. If you have to use the same vein twice, shoot downstream from the last shot (further down the vein towards your heart). This will stop you from pushing blood clots (which can be fatal) back into your bloodstream from the old site.
  • Get ready to rock! Do push-ups or use a compress to warm up the area. You can also hang your hand below your waist and squeeze your fist to increase blood pressure and make your veins more visible.
  • Use a Tourniquet. The tip of the Tourniquet should be above the top of your bicep muscle. Tie off on top of the muscle, not on the bottom of your arm. Do not share Tourniquets. Bacteria/viruses can be spread through contaminated equipment.
  • When you are ready, use an alcohol pad to clean the sweet spot. Use soap and water if you do not have one. If you do not clean the injection site, it can lead to an abscess.



Step 3: Work Up For The Lift-Off


  • To get to the point – place the point at an angle of 45° with the bevel face up. Check for a flush of blood as you pull the plunger back.
  • Unlock and ease in the injection.
  • If it burns, you probably missed the point.
  • Stop and pull the point out.
  • Avoid muscle and skin-pop meth. It can lead to abscesses and health problems.
  • Avoid arteries.
  • It should be harder and painful to inject into an artery.
  • The plunger might be forced back and frothy blood may be seen in the barrel.
  • If you think you have hit an artery, immediately pull out the needle and apply firm pressure at the injection site.
  • If the bleeding persists for more than 5 minutes, seek medical help immediately.


Step 4: Buckle Up For The Next Time


  • Use a new sterile point at all times. Needle exchange in San Francisco is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides harm reduction supplies. The staff at the San Francisco needle exchange, Syringe Access Services, will be happy to meet you and provide you with new syringes. They will also take and dispose of any used syringes you have. Need a needle exchange but can't get to one? In California, you can purchase and possess up to 10 sterile needles without a prescription if you are 18 or older and present valid identification.


Additionally, you can also watch some good meth slamming videos to get some more information on the process.



What To Do If These Steps Fail To Work Out


If the above steps gets you nowhere, you can follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Fill the syringe halfway with water.
  • Tap out all blood droplets.
  • Shake the syringe and spit out the contents.
  • Shake and repeat until the water is completely drained.
  • There should be no blood left in the syringe.
  • Fill the syringe with water and bleach.
  • Allow the bleach to sit for at least 3 minutes. The more time you leave the bleach in, the better.
  • Shoot the bleach out of the syringe at least 3 times.
  • Clean the syringe with fresh water. Spray the syringe and repeat three times. Bleach is highly effective against HIV, but it is not effective against hepatitis C, so it is always advisable to use new points as often as possible.


Note On Things After Slamming Meth


It’s your sidewalk too, isn’t it?

Don’t toss your used rigs after meth slam down the gutters or into the trash.

Instead, keep them in a jar and bring them into the Exchange to exchange them for new rigs.

You can also get a sharps box for free at your local syringe access services or at your local Walgreens.

It’s free, it’s cute, and it holds about 100 of your old points.

For those of you who don’t know, a needle or syringe in a sharps container isn’t considered “paraphernalia” under California law, according to section 11364 of California’s health and safety code.