10 Tested Ransomware Prevention Tips To Secure Your Data

Ransomware attacks have been rampant in recent times with many companies battling to stay in operation after experiencing so many damages in the hands of attackers. Many questions have been raised...

Dark Web Money Laundering: Netherlands Couple Got Convicted

Netherland’s The Rotterdam District Court had convicted a couple on account of dark web money laundering. The court was successful in seizing 2532 Bitcoins that roughly accounts to $29 million from the...

Ransomware Gang Donates $10,000 BTC Of Ransom Demand To NGOs

A ransomware gang going by the name “Darkside” had donated some share of its ransom demand to the charity organizations that it had extorted from victims. The recipient NGOs include a...

25+ Popular Things You Can Purchase From The Dark Web Marketplaces

The dark web is the dark side of the internet and is kept concealed so that people without any experience or knowledge cannot enter. The dark web marketplaces, as it is...

Dutchmen On Trial For Running An Old NATO Crime Bunker

A group of eight people will be brought to trial in Germany on the 19th of October, 2020. The group contained three Germans, four Dutchmen and a Bulgarian individual. The group...

Australian Taxpayers Are Warned of Scam MyGov Tax Refund

Australian taxpayers numbering 18.7 million have been warned of a scam email that seems to be sent from the myGov tax refund. It has been found that the email is designed...

How to Get Criminal Activity Coverage on The Darknet?

Users of darknet marketplaces lose millions of dollars due to criminal acts like exit-scams, drugs seizures and other incidents of force majeure. The newly launched service Dr.Kox offers criminal activity coverage...

Dark Web Counterfeit Drug Sale: 2 Floridians Arrested

Two Floridian individuals have been arrested in Inverness for conducting dark web counterfeit drug sales. They have been accused of some of the other charges as well. The arrest was followed...

100+ Popular Websites Who Accept Bitcoin Payment In 2020

The bitcoin payment method has garnered much popularity in recent times. Earlier, it was accepted by a few companies and was restricted majorly in the dark web. With time, the companies across the...

Austrian Dark Web Investigation Results In The Porsche 911 Seizure

An alleged dark web vendor in Germany had undergone an investigation. The dark web investigation has led to the seizure of a Porsche 911 car. A follow-up investigation has led to the identification...

Child Sexual Assault Plot: Michigan Man Pleads Guilty

The federal investigators had arrested a Monroe-based man, who is in his late 20s for allegedly conducting child sexual assault plot of a young girl with an undercover agent. The accused...