10 Tested Ransomware Prevention Tips To Secure Your Data

Ransomware attacks have been rampant in recent times with many companies battling to stay in operation after experiencing so many damages in the hands of attackers. Many questions have been raised...

Woman Pays $5K Bitcoins For Hitman-for-Hire On The Darknet

A woman from Nevada had tried to opt for hitman-for-hire services on the dark web for killing her ex-husband in Durham. For the murder plot, she had paid off $5,000 in Bitcoin (BTC)...

What Makes Hydra Market One of the Most Dangerous Darknet Markets?

Hydra Market is the largest dark web marketplace accounted for 65% of trade on darknet. However, due to several flaws, multi-headed monster tops the list of the most dangerous DNMs from...

4 Hackers in Poland Arrested Under Strike Against Cybercrime

The Polish authorities have announced the arrest of four suspected hackers under a coordinated strike against the cybercrime. All those hackers who have been arrested under this cybercrime operation are strongly...

U.K. National Dark Overlord Member Handed 5 Years Prison

A U.K. based national named Nathan Wyatt and a member of the Dark Overlord hacking group has been handed five years of a jail sentence after he has pleaded guilty to...

How to Safely Get Illegal Mail-Order Drugs from Darknet Vendors?

Receiving illegal mail-order drugs is dangerous, no matter how precautious you are. But there're ways to mitigate risks. That's why I made a list of techniques, which I successfully use to avoid getting...

Enormous Darknet Bust Targeting Opioid Trafficking Result in 179 Arrests

The largest international dark web takedown targeting the dark web opioid trafficking has resulted in the arrest of 179 individuals that are spread across six of the countries, who were actively...

Lucknow Topper Has Been Arrested For 2.7Kgs Marijuana Import

On Sunday night, the joint units of Lucknow Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Delhi have arrested a youth aged 25 years from Gomtinagar, Lucknow. The accused was arrested for alleged marijuana import or...

Empire Market Alternatives: Who Will Lead The Darknet Now?

The Empire Market has exit scammed followed by a series of the DDOS attacks that made the market impossible to sustain in the long run. Initially, it was just the DDoS...

Dark Web Cannibal Expresses To Conduct Necrophilia & Cannibalism on Teen

A Texas dark web cannibal who had expressed his interest in necrophilia followed by cannibalism via dark web conversation has been sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment. The accused dark web cannibal has been identified as Alexander...

How to Choose the Right Dark Web Vendors?

For newbies, it's often quite complicated to choose the right dark web vendors among hundreds of dealers selling drugs on darknet markets. That's why I drew up a guide on how to pick...