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Torzon Market

Founded In : 12 Sep 2022

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Torzon Market is a relatively new dark web market that was founded just in September 2022. The deep web market is quite compact, user friendly and most importantly, safe. All the trades in the platform are carried out through escrow system ensuring both the customers and the vendors the highest possible security. However, it is not wallet-less. As of now, the dark web market only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments. That said, they are working hard to introduce Monero (XMR) transactions. This will enable the customers and the vendors to have options when it comes to payment modes.

So far, the deep web marketplace possesses 200+ product listings. The best part is that even being one of the newest dark web markets, the number of product listings is increasing per hour. The categories that they boasts of include drugs, digital goods, fraud, services, counterfeit items, software & malware, and security & hosting, everything one would expect. Surprisingly, the darkweb market also offers 2-FA, login phrase and pin for protection. Registration is completely free with options to upgrade the accounts.