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Empire Market is a relatively new Dark WEB market that has been launched back in February 2018 taking inspiration from AlphaBay. The market offers MultiSig as well as a conventional escrow system. It currently accepts three Cryptocurrencies viz., Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin and Monero. It also offers additional features such as CC AutoShop and daily lottery hosting. Access the Empire Market through the given Empire Market link.

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  • Jake Jordan reviewed 2 years ago
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Thank You For sharing latest Empire Market Link and the updated details of Dark web and Deep web.

Possible Fraud
  • Mr Mercedes reviewed 2 years ago
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Sent bitcoin to this site and it never arrived.  Tickets raised but no response to numerous requests.  Possible scam!

  • kevin citron reviewed 1 year ago
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takes 10 minutes to send an order. customer support issues. looks like they’re exit scamming

  • JOREGITO reviewed 1 year ago
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Nice Market

Empire Market Exit scam?
Order Details.png

Warning : I have bee using Empire for 6 months. Three days ago, I sent 350 euros-equivalent BTC on my account on Empire.

Within 4 minutes, two transactions emptied my account for “Worldwide passport scan”.

Both transactions where finalized immedialy without any comment possibility.

I contacted Empire’s support, the anwser : they blocked my account. Can’t login anymore. I created a new account and was able to connect.

If you doubt my testimony, look at  screen captures.

Beware !

empire market

I recently use the site. Works fine. Uploaded Bitcoin and showed up in less than 5mins.

Forced out of vending account within 2 minutes repeatedly

Connection issues are currently making logging in and processing orders a chore. Within the 2 minutes that I can get online before being kicked, I have the chance to deal with one or 2 orders if I’m fast. First the stupid captchas and phishing links. Now poor connection. I wish I could say I’d leave but there aren’t many better services put there worth starting from scratch on. I feel robbed of the $500 subscription sometimes and have been forced to continue on Wikr app to respond to customer questions. Feel free. Peace, Fruits.

Dont use the Alternatives

Some blogs now recommend to alternatives like Darkmarket, Versus or Icarus. Nobody sees that these alternatives belong to Empire. These are the same guys that did the Empire Market Exit Scam.

review 5 stars is fake

all review with 5 stars is fake, empire market is scam, i lost $200

Empire exit scammed.
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I moved to White House Market, check it out –

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