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CharlieUK is a cocaine specific single vendor shop and is a renowned DNM. They offer five products, viz., haze, cocaine, heroin, crack and MDMA crystal. The vendorshop has been a famous one in Empire Market. Following the exit scam of the Empire Market, they have segregated themselves from other .onion markets. They have been operational since 2015 and associated themselves with some big fish DNMs such as Dream Market, Silkroad, Trade route, Wall street and many more.

There is no hassle of registration with the platform. All the orders are taken off-site via e-mails and thus lacks security features such as multisig. It offers escrow, 2FA and is an auto FE vendor shop. Currently, the market accepts Bitcoin payments. CharlieUK is a Dark web Vendor shop selling haze, cocaine,Heroin,Crack and MDMA.

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