Dark Web Drug Marketplaces

What Are Dark Web Drug Marketplaces? Its Pros & Cons


Drugs can be purchased both online and offline through the dark alleys, where the dark alleys in the online zone refer to the dark web drug marketplaces. Considering the time today, there are a huge number of deep web markets available on the Tor network. In this article, we will provide all the details of the illicit drug markets that will aid you in buying drugs from the darknet marketplace.




What is a Dark Web Drug Marketplace?


Before we know about the drug trafficking marketplaces, let’s have a brief on the dark web. The dark web is that part of the internet that is usually hidden from the reach of the general people and are not indexed. Thus, to access the dark web you need to have a premium VPN along with the Tor browser. Plus you need to have the .onion links of the dark web websites that you want to access.

The dark web is filled with various marketplaces and the most common is the dark web drug marketplaces. These are online shops that sell various drugs in various forms. Some of the drugs that these come up with could be so harmful that they can get someone killed. Also, drug overdose too can cause you serious health issues and in worst cases even cause death.

Coming on to the types of drugs that you can acquire through these illegal drug marketplace, here are a couple of them: Cocaine, Marijuana, Xanax, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Opioids, Heroin, Adderall etc. Some of these come in smokable forms, while the other types include pills, stickers, oils and sniffable. Pharmaceutical drugs or prescription drugs are also widely available.


What Are The Most Popular Dark Web Black Markets?


Illicit drug trade online is smoothly carried out via the darknet markets. The history of the darknet markets has revealed that these markets rise and fall over time as the feds are always in the hunt for these markets. Several markets have been seized and many dark web drug sellers have been arrested. A couple more are on the list of the federal police. Keeping all of these aside, here we have listed out some of the most prominent dark web drug marketplaces that might intrigue you:


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Pros & Cons of The Dark Web Drug Marketplaces


Despite the fact that the illicit drug markets facilitate the smooth illegal drug trade online, yet it comes with several cons as well apart from some luring pros. Here are all the pros and cons of these marketplaces described in details.




  • Easy Purchase & Sale of Drugs – Well yes, the cryptomarkets facilitate the easy illegal drug trade online and are more convenient than the roadside drug trade. You get to know what drug you can purchase, in what form, the exact pricing, the exact quantity and if they are in your budget.
  • Maintaining Anonymity – The drug smuggling markets in the darknet helps you maintain your anonymity as they only know you via your username or pseudonym. Plus, all the messages that you send and receive are all PGP encrypted, making sure only the other people with your public key and their private key can access them. Additionally, the open-air drug purchase might come with specific risks of being robbed or get in the hands of law enforcement, which aren’t the case with the drug markets online.
  • Easy Payment Methods – You can avail from a variety of payment methods like Escrow, Full Finalize Early (FE), partial ones and more. All the transactions are carried on via the cryptocurrencies that are hard to track because of their technology. Also, there are least chances of getting duped in case you avail escrow system.



  • User Reviews – Users can leave their views on the products that they have bought from a vendor through an illegal drug business. They can either give an overall rating on a scale of one to five or typically write on separate parameters like delivery speed, quality of the products, price, stealth etc. This eliminates the rate of fake reviews.
  • Quality Products – When you purchase drugs from the roadside, merely you have the opportunity to verify the products. You might end up with a bag of aspirin in the name of quality dope. The transactions are quick and products might not pass through the quality check. On the contrary, you would not face such problems when you buy drugs online via a darknet marketplace. They are bound to provide you with quality products or else they would be ripped off by the buyers. Some of the vendors do have the intent to sell certain drugs like heroin mixed with fentanyl. If this happens in the online cryptomarkets, the reviews will help others to decide.
  • Easy Delivery of Products At Doorstep – If you choose to purchase illegal drugs from any vendor on the roadside, you might have to visit them in order to get your package. But if you opt to purchase drugs from the dark web drug marketplaces, you can do that with ease from the comfort of your home and you can take your time to decide your products and vendors. Plus, the products you order will come to your doorstep.




  • Hindrance For People With Less Technical Know-How – The people who are newbies or who are not pretty aware of how to proceed might get an obstacle while trying to buy drugs online from the dark web drug marketplaces. Getting a proper guide on the same on the internet could possibly be a task.
  • Users Need To Possess Some Knowledge on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies – As the online drug trade transactions solely depend on various cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), the users must have minimum knowledge on them and how to transact. The users will not be able to buy or purchase drugs with fiat currency or through any regular wallets or even PayPal and credit cards.
  • Might Get Scammed – People might get scammed via phishing URLs if they happen to land on one of them. The URLs of these websites keep on changing every few minutes and there is a possibility that they have logged in to a phishing site that resembles the original one and ended up providing their credentials, depositing money and never getting back their deposits. Choose escrow to be safe. Another most popular scam is the “exit scam” where a drug dealer or a drug market as a whole will shut down their website on one fine day without any notice. All the currencies you had deposited in the escrow will suddenly “poof!”. In such a scam you cannot get your money back as to who will you ask for the money?
  • Time-Consuming – The steps that you follow to get your drugs in your hands need deliberate patience and all the process consumes a lot of time. Even in case of any disputes, you need to be patient enough to get your problems solved. Also, you would not get the drugs instantly in your hands, unlike the roadside drug deals. You may try to reduce the time of delivery by choosing a vendor from your country.
  • Price Of The Drugs Might Be Tad Bit Steep – If you have had already purchased drugs off the open-air markets and then you attempt to acquire drugs online via the illicit drug markets, you might find that the prices are a tad bit higher but they are actually worth the penny you invest in them.



Deep Web Drug Marketplaces vs Dark Web Drug Marketplaces


By this time, you might want to know why we have not mentioned deep web drug marketplaces and have continuously stuck to the dark web drug marketplaces. Well, the dark web and the deep web are used interchangeably. However, they are not exactly the same. The dark web is just a portion (basically a fragment) of the huge deep web. If you study them a little more in-depth, you would know that the existence of deep web drug marketplaces is not possible. The deep web does not facilitate any illegal trade, but it works as the storehouse for various crucial databases of companies and government, identity credentials, journal papers, research papers, books that are usually not accessed or made accessible on purpose and related.

And here we have hit the end of the article where we have provided detailed information on what the dark web drug marketplaces are, how they function, the pros and cons and also successfully cleared out some confusion.

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