Silk Road 4

I feel like im ripped off

this is me in a club whit my friends talking about how cool should be try LSD and get some high and stuff like that. we started to talk about it really searious and me starts to look for some informaiton about how i can get it. After a few weeks triying to find that drug on the streets whitout lucky. i´ll said fuckit lets try that deep web shit i heard about on some social media app nobady cares about.
Well, afert 5 hours looking for some information about Silk Road 4 and make sure i have my VPN and my Tor network very well pluged i change some cash in to BTC and i get that 10x220mg shiva LSD from a vendor called WeAreAmsterdam, he was more than 5k positive votes and his store biography transmitted me confidence, so thats all i brougth , in the present im stil wating for my ship, shipping was fast as fuck 1 day or less but was the 4th day waiting and i was nervous, so i´ll try to see whats going on whit my shipping but when i hit the first link i used to get the shit some captcha protecction aganist DDOS appears i wasnt worried because i made it same the first time i get in. so i put em and puff some 505 Bad giveway appears. going to the mirror i found in this page im writing this hit the mirror link on tor and nothig, same shit as the first one. now one week later still wating 4 my parcel what do you thig guys they scammer me or they dont?

To the review below me :

Don’t worry, they’re having a few issues with the website, it’ll be up soon for sure, all you can do is wait now I guess.

Silk Road 4 Legit

Received order is less than a week. Recommend!

Getting there need more Uk sellers

Had 6 orders through up and running can it change to £ instead of $ this will be no1 market place to be soon

Ripped off

My order was cancelled, but I never get my money back.

Stay away from Silk Road 4…


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