What Are The Important Reasons To Grow Your Own Mushrooms?
Last updated : July 25, 2024

What Are The Important Reasons To Grow Your Own Mushrooms?


Discover the enchanting world of mushroom cultivation! Unearth the top reasons to grow your own mushrooms and embark on a rewarding journey of self-sustainability and culinary delights.


Back in 1998, the renowned mycologist Paul Stamets shared a fascinating story. His fascination with psychedelic mushrooms sparked his journey into mycology, leading to discoveries in environmental cleanup and medicine. Stamets also revealed how a memorable shroom experience helped him conquer his speech impediment at 17. Like him, many of us can vouch for the life-changing influence of psychedelic encounters on our beliefs and personalities. These experiences leave a profound impact on our lives, opening doors to new possibilities and understanding.

Growing your own mushrooms is a legal way to access psilocybin. While synthetic psilocybin is limited to research at certain universities, you have three options to obtain psilocybin from natural sources. How to grow your own mushrooms?

  1. Hunting wild varieties (often Psilocybe and Panaeolus).
  2. Cultivating at home (commonly Psilocybe cubensis and others).
  3. Receiving mushrooms from others who foraged or cultivated.

Magic mushrooms contain various psychoactive compounds like baeocystin, norbaeocystin, and norpsilocin. Although not directly comparable to synthetic psilocybin used in growing your own mushrooms in clinical trials, there may be similarities in effects. As interest in psychedelics grows, ensuring fair access to these substances becomes essential for academic, pharmaceutical, and civilian sectors. Embrace the world of mushrooms and explore their potential benefits!




Why Should You Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms?


Discover a path to ensure access to psilocybin mushrooms by growing them at home. Although it's currently illegal under federal law, cities like Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz have decriminalized them. Legal home cultivation for personal use could be on the horizon. Grow your own mushrooms and embark on a self-sufficient journey.

Growing your own mushrooms at home might seem intimidating, but it's easier than you think. Discover how it can save you money, reduce hassle, empower you, and foster community connections.




Grow your own magic mushrooms instead of buying them. In the US, they cost about $35 per eighth of an ounce (or $10 per gram). In Canada, the first magic mushroom dispensaries are opening, but it's not technically legal yet. Those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, and cluster headaches can get encapsulated microdoses at a higher price per gram than buying illicitly in the US.

With just $15-$20, you can buy magic mushroom spores, similar to cannabis seeds. With simple equipment and knowledge, you can grow over 100 times more mushrooms than what you buy. Setting up a self-sufficient mushroom collective with trusted individuals can minimize costs and risks.


Experience Safety and Peace of Mind: Grow Your Own Mushrooms


Discover the freedom of growing your own mushrooms and saying goodbye to dealing with uncertain drug sources. Past restrictive laws made it tough to interact with drug dealers, leading to anxiety-filled experiences. With home cultivation, you're in control, ensuring top-quality and potent mushrooms. Say farewell to shady dealings and embrace the peace of mind that comes with consuming something you've nurtured yourself. Optimize your psychedelic journey with a carefully crafted "set and setting," all made possible by growing your own mushrooms. Enjoy a stress-free and rewarding experience with homegrown fungi. Say yes to personal growth and control over your psychedelic adventures.


Mushroom Foraging - Grow Your Own Mushrooms


In the Northern US and Canada, over 22 wild-growing hallucinogenic species exist. Across the Americas, there are more than 70. Foraging may seem like an option, but for psychedelics like MDMA and LSD, growing your own mushrooms at home is essential. It ensures respect for natural habitats and communities where they thrive amid rising interest in these substances.

In our mushroom hunting experiences, we've learned about ecology and ethics. It's essential to respect nature when foraging. Only take what you need and avoid over-harvesting. Grow your own mushrooms for a sustainable supply.

Embarking on a hunt for psychedelic fungi requires knowledge, practice, and confidence, as distinguishing them from deadly look-alikes can be tricky. Beginners may find it safer to grow their own mushrooms at home, with guidance from experienced cultivators.



Achieve Self-sufficiency, Grow Mushrooms!


Michael Pollan, a renowned food writer, advocates growing your own mushrooms, just as he emphasizes self-sufficiency, tradition, community, and empowerment in his works. Like his approach to food, our attitude towards psychedelics aligns with these values. 

Grow your own magic mushrooms to preserve their uniqueness and cultural significance. Large-scale grow operations risk turning psychedelics into commodities, reducing our connection with these natural wonders. Communities with historical ties to psychedelics should reconsider their reliance on legislative approval and FDA designations.

Mushrooms in the US have sparked interest in amateur mycologists. Dr. Joanna Steinhardt's research revealed many enthusiasts began with magic mushroom cultivation. These alliances form outside academic and corporate environments, embracing themes like ecology, sustainability, and collective organization.

In the world of DIY activities, growing your own mushrooms is gaining popularity. People are exploring alternative ways of living, breaking free from the reliance on producer-consumer economics. Join the cluster of pursuits like permaculture, foraging, beekeeping, fermentation, and homebrewing, and empower yourself through mushroom cultivation. 

Experience the financial perks, making your own edibles like lemon tek magic mushrooms and magic mushroom tea and more as you grow your own mushrooms. Unlock a deeper connection with nature and yourself through this enriching process.


Published at : 21/07/2023

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