How To Test Your Drugs Via
Last updated : July 21, 2024

How To Test Your Drugs Via


Frustrated consuming fake drugs from untrusted onion site or drugs with a lot of mixtures in it? Here is a better way to determine!


This is a step-by-step guide on how to use to test your drugs. By using this service, you will not only know what is in your drugs you bought from the onion web sites, but you will also help ensure that the vendors are held accountable and that the community is kept safe!

In this guide, we will walk you through the entire process from placing your order to checking your results!




Things You Will Need


The following are the requirements for the process to test your drugs:

  • A regular envelope
  • 4 Regular $1.10 Postage Stamps or 1 International $3.70 Postage Stamp
  • You will need to test three individual zip lock bags for each sample.
  • A pen and paper
  • Your drug sample, of course


How To Order Your Drugs Online?


The first thing you need to do is get your drugs from the best onion links. When you want to test your drugs and book a drug test, there are some extra things you need to keep in mind.

  • Avoid using your real name anywhere on the .onion sites.
  • Do not place the order at any address that you can be associated with.
  • Don’t announce on social media or any deep web forums like Dread that you’re going to test a new order in the next week or two.

We do not want any vendor that doesn’t agree with your test results to have any kind of connection to your identity.


How To Prepare The Sample?


A minimum sample size of 10mg is required for each drug being tested. This is approximately the equivalent of a match head size. If the drug being tested is a pill, the sample should be crushed and mixed and a minimum sample of 10mg of the mixed pill should be used. For liquids, it is recommended to blend well and provide a minimum of a few drops. In the case of blotters, a minimum of one quarter of a tab should be provided.

Please note that GYDT is not suitable for testing organic samples (e.g. mushrooms/weed), drugs in foods (e.g., brownies) or substances that make up less than 5 % of the sample. It's a good idea to bag your samples three times. That way, you don't have to worry about losing them and you can protect your postal workers from any potential exposure. First, put the sample in a small zip bag and make sure it's sealed. Then, put it in a second zip bag and seal that too. Finally, put it all in a third zip bag and do your best to make sure it's all flat.

Do you have more than one sample? Make sure to bag each one three times! GYDT must be able to tell the difference between different samples, so make sure each one is labeled with a unique number. We suggest using numbers A through D.


How To Prepare Information About The Samples?


It is essential to provide GYDT with a set of data for each specimen in order to test your drugs. On a sheet of paper, fill in the details for each specimen.

  1. The type of sample you are referencing (e.g., A sample, B sample, C sample, etc.)
  2. The substance was sold as something other than what it actually was.
  3. If you've tried the substance or know someone who has.
  4. The source of the material (for example, in our instance, it was acquired through a darknet transaction like the best dark website).
  5. Any weird stuff that happened, any comments or info about the sample.
  6. The code word that will be used to identify the sample at a later stage. Ensure that the codeword is written down in a secure location, as this will be used at a later stage to verify the results.

Note: It is also possible to provide an email address for the purpose of receiving updates regarding your tests. If an email address is provided, two email updates will be sent: the first one will be sent upon the arrival of the sample at the testing center and the second one will be sent after the sample has undergone testing. If an email is provided, it is recommended to use a secure, anonymized (or Tor-based) email provider. Personal email should not be used.



How To Post Your Samples?


Put your samples and answers together to test your drugs in a standard envelope, seal and apply your stamps. Posting a letter in Canada costs US$3.70.

You can mail a letter using either an international postage stamp (US$3.70) or four US$1.10 standard postage stamps (the extra 70 cents is a thank you to Australia Post for taking care of your drugs all those years ago).

Place your letter in any red Australia Post box.

The letter should be addressed to the following address:

Box 88144

Chinatown PO

Vancouver BC

V6A 4A4


How To Check Your Results?


The time it takes for your sample to reach the testing center is typically three weeks. Once your sample arrives at the testing center, it is usually tested within 48 hours and the results will be published on GYDT’s website.

After that, you can check your scores by entering your code word at: