Make Money On The Dark Web
Last updated : June 19, 2024

How To Make Money On The Dark Web?


Have you been wondering how to make money online via the dark web or darknet? If you have been thinking so, you are not wrong. Dark Web does provide you with amazing ways to earn some extra bucks at the comfort of your home. If you have been wiggling your way through the alleys of the darknet for some time, you might have known about a lot of products and services put up for sale. Well, here exactly we will be taking you through the various ways to help you make money online fast.



Some Useful Dark Web Money Hacks


Honestly, there are a couple of ways to earn from the dark web. It all depends on you to decide which one to go for as per your convenience. Find your way out through the following dark web services and learn how to get money on the dark web:


1. Sell Stuffs On The Black Market


The black markets (.onion links) are the soul of the darknet. Why? Because it is the most obvious way in which people make money on the platform. The most common product put up for sale are drugs of all kinds. These darknet markets behave like your regular e-commerce sites of clearnet. The sole difference lies in the fact that darknet markets communicate anonymously. The market just serves as the central middleman or a bridge between the buyers and sellers. They ensure fair deals between both parties. In return, they get commission against each transaction from their website.

Some of the products that you can spot on sale in the darknet markets are drugs, ammunition, stolen gadgets, face masks, carded numbers, personal IDs and services that are awful to mention.

But this is not just the end in the products list. Various legal goods are also sold with equal fairness. These are usually less mainstream or often strange or are restricted to a narrower niche or subculture.



2. Theft-On-Demand Services


Theft-on-Demand services, as the name suggests, are stealing certain things that are of massive demand. How does this relate to the darknet? Well, as already stated, the dark web markets sell almost all illegal and few legal kinds of stuff. All the stolen products that are sold on the dark web have huge demands. This has led to the constant supply and sale of theft-on-demand products.

Now, how does this service work? Well, services are sold on the internet openly. Like you can book a cab, flight, hotel rooms etc online through just a few clicks. In a similar way, you can get various products like gadgets online through the theft-on-demand service. All you have to do is hire the services of a thief from the darknet. Instead of physically being present at the local store and getting your desired gadget, you can hire someone online to steal it for you. Obviously, this is not any strong morality. 

This service is quite popular in Europe and across North America. What is shocking is that all this can be done typically against a percentage of the value of the item.


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3. Hire A Hacker Service


Not to be overlooked, hire-a-hacker service can be a primary source of income in the Dark Web. The hackers put on hire in the dark web perform several illegal hacking. They thus release the data on the Tor .onion urls for sale. They also can change school grades, work details in the business systems, crash websites with malware, and more.

Also, there are a limited number of whitehat hackers that help the businesses protect their security. In short, the dark web is the home for the hackers. There are several tutorials and training sessions that let out more information on hacking.


4. Trade Your Identity


Though it sounds quite unbelievable, yes, you can trade your identity and make money on the dark web. The hackers and several other individuals on the dark web search for the identities of well respected citizens. This leverages them to help gain trust to open bank accounts, defraud other individuals or even conduct hacking under some reputed brand’s name.

The only issue with this is that it has quite a short term validity, of 60 days. This is because the value of the identities decline as soon as the name starts to taint. The rigorous usage of the same identity for quite a long time is not possible. 


5. Trade Others’ Identity & Data


This is, however, a common activity on the darknet. The stolen identities and data of individuals and organizations are resold on the dark web or deep web at an almost fixed rate. Often, the hackers prey on the large enterprises due to their rich database. With just a single hack, they would extract tens and thousands of data. This includes Social Security Numbers (SSN), Social Insurance Numbers, individual names and dates of birth. This is quite enough to conduct scams or use them for personal benefits.

Once the hackers gain the data and identities, they will discover the various darknet websites where they can easily trade them.



6. Illicit Match Fixing


This is another money-spinner way for all the illicit investors willing to be benefited from dark web financial services. This helps to earn a quick profit. How is this process executed? Well, the fixer has a team of players or an athlete already lined up to lose a match. So basically, bets are taken. Being an investor, you pay a certain amount of cash. The fixer on the other hand guarantees a percentage refund. This percentage can go up to 50%. It holds less risk as the result is predetermined.

The fixer utilizes the capital from the investors after placing huge scale bets on the matches. This way he makes a huge profit and a great return for the investors. Sometimes, the minimum bet value could be no less than $20,000. Again, there is some risk as nothing is risk free investment.


7. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a straightforward process. You sign up for an affiliate program, you share your affiliate link with others, and then you get paid every time someone uses your link for a purchase.

Affiliate marketing can be started on the deep web, and you can expect to earn very little money. However, you can combine affiliate marketing with other activities to increase your income. You can join Google AdSense (clearnet websites only) or sell digital goods on your affiliate site.

8. Creating A Forum And Charging a Membership Fee


On the surface web, one of the ways to make money is by creating a forum and charging a membership fee. This is also possible on the deep web.

The first step is to create a forum and determine what the content of the forum should be. For example, the forum could be used for trading legal products, for discussing topical topics, or for other purposes.

Once the forum is built, you can charge a fee to all members. Alternatively, you can create a tiered membership model. For example, a basic member can pay a fee and have limited access to the forum, while a premium member pays a fee and has full access.

You can incorporate the same concept with a blog on the dark web. You can offer sponsored content to your audience and additionally you can offer some paid content which will earn you a few extra bucks.

9. Trading Your Photos


You can sell your photos on the dark web just as easily as you can sell them on the surface. If you're comfortable selling your photos, you can make some extra money. You can sell your feet photos or anything else you're comfortable selling.

If you want to sell photos of yourself on the dark web, you'll need to find a dark net marketplace.

Selling photos on a darknet marketplace is one of the fastest ways to make some quick cash when you need it.


How To Get Paid On The Dark Web?


Fraud is a major concern on the dark web. Since the majority of users are anonymous, it is not advisable to share bank accounts or credit card numbers.

Cryptocurrency is used to make secure transactions on darknet markets. Cryptocurrency keeps both parties anonymous and reduces the chances of fraud. Once the transaction is complete, you can sell your crypto and transfer the money into your bank account.

You can also accept other forms of payment. You can ask for gift cards or cash, but this puts you at risk for fraud. Stolen identity is a major issue on the darknet.




Well, unlike physical commerce, online commerce on the darknet is different. If you are stubborn on how to make money on dark web, get yourself clear on the currency used. Almost all the transactions done on the dark web are through cryptocurrencies of varied kinds. Although, these are just some of the many ways to earn money with Tor Browser. This is because the dark web is a diverse sphere. Myriad services and products are way beyond your imagination. You can also participate in various forums and ask questions to get answered from experts.