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How to Safely Get Illegal Mail-Order Drugs from Darknet Vendors?


Receiving illegal mail-order drugs is dangerous, no matter how precautious you are. But there’re ways to mitigate risks. That’s why I made a list of techniques, which I successfully use to avoid getting caught red-handed with a package containing controlled substances ordered on a darknet marketplace.




The Best Delivery Method & LEA’s Modus Operandi


Currently, dark web vendors offer two delivery options: priority (standard, stealth) and tracked (track and trace, registered).



Priority delivery is the simplest shipping method. A seller doesn’t register it anywhere, that’s why your order gets right into your post-box. However, there’s a catch. If a package doesn’t fit a letterbox, Russian mail carriers leave a notification requesting to acquire mail in a post office. Therefore, you’d better check what your post service provider does in this case. Track and trace option is more complicated. The unique number is assigned to every package or letter and then recorded in a postal system; therefore, you can track it. When registered mail arrives at a post office, you receive a notification. Then you have to visit a mail depot to obtain the illegal mail-order drugs.

Now, let’s consider LEAs’ modus operandi. When Russian customs or police officers find something suspicious in registered mail, they test it. If the stuff is illegal, cops make a controlled delivery. They replace prohibited substances with a so-called layout, bring it to a mail depot, and a postal worker drops a notification in your letterbox. Then you come to a post office, provide your ID, sign notification and receive a packet. At this moment you get busted by officers waiting in ambush. 

If a mail isn’t tracked, police can’t execute controlled delivery. This procedure requires that a suspect confirms his identity and signs a package on receipt. I’ve never heard of police stakeouts near a post box and of people being detained after taking correspondence out their mail slots. I believe that whenever officers find illegal mail-order drugs in standard post boxes, they seize it for subsequent resale or dump it.

When Dutch police took over Hansa, they obtained at least 10,000 buyers’ addresses and turned them over to Europol. Cops picked 50 people, visited their homes and informed them about interception of packages with illegal mail-order drugs which had been sent to their residences. Only one person was arrested. He ordered drugs in bulk, likely using tracked delivery. Every time European officers seize drugs in priority mail they perform knock-and-talks or send a warning stating that they’ve found a controlled substance in a letter sent to your address. Law enforcement agencies from the USA do the same thing.


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I don’t know how LEAs work in other countries, but based on the facts listed above, I’m 100% sure that a standard shipment is much safer than a registered one. Furthermore, it would be best if you never went to a post office upon receiving a notification about a package, which you ordered to be delivered via the standard method, as it might be a trap.


The Do’s & Don’ts While Buying Drugs Online


Buying drugs online from the dark web markets is overwhelming, and a lot easier, as well as safer, compared to the drugs purchased offline. As the darknet markets provide anonymity, you might flow out quickly and end up providing a lot more information about you than needed. Here is a compact list of dos and don’ts that would help you have a better OPSEC.



1. The Right Volume


The more quantity of a drug there’s in a single package, the higher the risk of criminal proceedings initiation upon its seizure. On the contrary, a huge number of letters sent to your post box heavily increases the chance of interception. That’s why you must find the perfect balance between the quantity of controlled substances in the mail and the number of orders. If you receive one package a month, you’re unlikely to draw the attention of postal workers. Therefore, I suggest buying not more than a month’s supply of a drug at once.


2. Packaging Tech


None of the darknet vendors will disclose stealth methods they use. But you can evaluate the dealer’s technique when you receive your order. I recommend taking into consideration the following points: 

  • Illegal mail-order drugs must be stuffed into a vacuum-sealed bag; 
  • A bag containing powder or crystals should be put between thick paper (for example, a postcard); 
  • An envelope has to be flat;
  • Marijuana, dried mushrooms and similar chunky stuff should be sent in a mailbag with bubble wrap.





If you think that a seller implements a compelling way of hiding drugs and follows basic requirements listed above, then you’d instead go on to rely on his services. Some vendors develop outstanding techniques, which make drug detection almost impossible. Such dealers are worth their weight in gold, and you’d better save their contact details not to lose touch in case a dark web market shuts down.

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