A Broad Range of Legal And Illegal Job Vacancy Advertisements Available on the Dark Web Directories


The dark web is regarded as a dynamic ecosystem and like the mainstream sectors that is filled up to the brim with opportunities. As of now, the offerings of the dark web economy range from the tangible products to the services like the hacking tools and applications. Thus, the dark web provides an amazing platform for the job ads for both legal and illegal segments. But how defined are such job advertisements on the dark web?

Few days back, Liberty Market made a headline by posting a job ad publicly that were deemed out of the box by the commentators across the global divide. The advertisement stated the requirement of a “cleaner” having fluency in the French language. There are some harmless job postings that you might spot somewhere in the dark web although the fact of dealing with the illegal products might be a concern before getting into one such job.

The websites in the dark web often provide actual listings for the job opportunities for a variety of domain. While the marketers and the programmers take up the greater part of the job listings on the dark web. The study on a number of dark web job ads by the Trustwave SpiderLabs’ has revealed some interesting facts. The job advertisements on the dark web promises better pay for the same tasks that are available in the ordinary space. One of the job listings available on the dark web for a car driver bore compensation of $1000 for a week which obviously is an amount much more than the monthly earning of a typical driver outside the dark web. You might just wonder for a job that a person is doing for long why would he get an amount probably double than what he might be earning. This is because the driver will have to deliver illegal stuffs and not just drive.



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