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10 Best Anonymous Dark Web Browsers On The Tor Network


The Tor network is an anonymous network that supports the existence of deep web and dark web websites. These websites can be surfed anonymously. This is only possible as the Tor network provides both security and anonymity. But apart from a network and a bunch of websites, you would also need a browser and a search engine. This article focuses to shed some light on the best anonymous dark web browsers among all that are available. 

The deep web browsers are very important for the purpose of anonymous deep web browsing. Almost all of the clear web browsers offer cookies that give insights into the users’ browsing history, personalized ads. With these being done frequently, people tend to lose their security and privacy. That being said, some people would definitely not like being tracked online. Past incidences have made it clear, especially with big brands doing it such as Facebook and Google.



The dark web browsers will help those who will bow before complete anonymity and security over the internet, especially when they are on the dark web


What Is The Dark Web?


The dark web is the dark and anonymous part of the World Wide Web, whose significant other aspect is the clear web or the surface web, also called the clearnet. Whenever you type anything in a search engine on the clear web, say Google, it fetches the blogs, websites, videos, images, software, application and more. This is just 4% of the total internet database, while the remaining 96% exists as the deep web. The dark web is relatively a small part of the deep web, ideally. 

The security of the dark web or darknet is such that the dark web search engines and as well as the government will find it pretty exhausting to track the browsing histories. Though safe access to the dark web brings privacy and anonymity to its users, it also brings difficulties for the government as a trove of illicit and underworld cyber activities is part of the dark web. This might be just one of the many reasons the dark web is often regarded as creepy and unethical.

The advantages of the dark web include:

  • Anonymity
  • Data Privacy
  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Knowledge
  • Political Activism 

The disadvantage of the dark web websites include: 


How To Access The Dark Web Safely?



The dark web is definitely not a safe place to be around, especially for the ones who are not very much aware of the hidden zone of the internet. But with proper precautionary measures, one can do a lot of stuff on the dark web or the deep web. 

To access the dark web / deep web or the darknet, you have to have a unique browser that lets you access the dark web websites such as an onion browser. Otherwise, your regular browser will not be able to get you into the onion directory since the websites’ URLs are pretty different from the one found on the dark web. Additionally, to hide your identity, you will require a promising VPN, preferably a premium one. You would also have to follow specific rules when you are on the darkweb such as letting out as little information as possible when you are online, selecting what information to provide, covering up your webcam and disabling the microphone, not running any other background applications, not revealing your identity, using a pseudonym and more. 

To start off, you would also require a bunch of .onion links. You can get it on the Hidden Wiki, Wikipedia for the hidden internet. After that, you can browse those links and further explore other dark web links as well. But beware of the phishing links. Do not attempt to download anything from the dark web as it may contain malware.


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Best Dark Web Browsers For Anonymity 2023


As the dark web and the deep web constitute the hidden part of the internet, not every browser is compatible with taking you beyond the surface web. Thus, you would require customized or specialized browsing procedures that include the usage of a unique set of deep web browsers or the darknet browser for penetrating this particular confidential space. In this particular segment, we will be looking at the ten best dark web browsers or the dark web browsers for android and iPhone additional to the desktops, Mac and Laptops that come handy and keep your browsing anonymous

The chosen dark web browsers listed here will help you in masking your identity and restrict the other entities from tracking your IP address. But you will also need a premium VPN for remaining completely anonymous. Here we go!


1. Tor Browser



Also commonly known as The Onion Router, it is the best browser for the deep web by far. It is a hidden web browser offering its users the most basic and simplistic browsing experience. If you are a beginner, it is the best choice for you to stick with. The Tor browser is an open-source deep web browser made available for Mac, Linux and Windows computers. It can also be treated as a mobile browser since it works well on both the Android and iOS operating system. The first anonymous browser ever introduced to get on the dark web is TOR. It offers the most secure ways to start browsing on the dark web. The Tor Project provides Tor to download on your required OS.


2. I2P


I2P is the acronym for the Invisible Internet Project that permits you to access the internet without a hassle both on the dark web and surface web via a layered stream. It makes it pretty challenging to identify or locate you as this constant stream of data masks your information. With the help of this I2P browser, you can utilize both the private and public keys. It also implements the darknet technology and a decentralized file storage system for helping its users remain anonymous, just the way Bitcoin (BTC) works. However, it is a bit complicated, but the web anonymizing browser does the job. It is a fantastic alternative if you are reaching out for something apart from the Tor darknet browser. 


3. Freenet


Freenet is an anonymity-based network for the dark web links utilizing free software to fight censorship of information and protect freedom of speech. The users get access to the chat forums, websites and several types of content that are available only through the network that Freenet provides. It is less vulnerable to attacks owing to the decentralized approach to its design. There is no place for copyrights in Freenet. It mentions that the sole reason for enforcing copyrights is generally to entail the communication monitoring that compromises the freedom of speech. The platform also proposes a patronage system based on community.


4. Tails



If you want to go incognito with the help of a dark web browser or anonymous browser, you may be interested in Tails. It was released back in 2009 and is an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. It is a security-oriented live OS and is based on the Debian GNU or Linux. Additionally, you can run Tails liberally for your regular use operating system utilizing a USB stick or a DVD. For ensuring anonymity and privacy, it pressurizes all incoming and outgoing connections via the Tor filters. The cryptographic tools of Tails ensure all emails, files and messages are safe. Tails do not keep any records of your connections unless asked explicitly.

The Tails come in a package of a variety of in-built applications such as an OS, an anonymizing browser, instant messaging service, office suite etc. All those are pre-configured, keeping in mind the anonymity and security. 


Check out Darknet Markets (DNM) under for list of deep web .onion websites that you can surf using these privacy browsers.


5. Subgraph OS


It is also an open-source deep web browser based on Tor. As the name mentions, it is an OS and not merely a browser, unlike the I2P and Tor. It uses Metaproxy Sandboxing, Kernel hardening, Package security, Binary integrity, Application network policies and Filesystem encryption for building robust security to their network. The sandboxing helps isolate your browsing experience extracting the instances where it detects a malware, and then it separates from the standard browsing container.

Additionally, Subgraph OS also comes with the secured IM named as CoyIM and Icedove, an email client for nullifying the vulnerabilities over the client communication. Similar to I2P, the Subgraph operates on various layers assisting the users with non-interrupted internet access by retaining their anonymity and privacy. It can be chosen as a tool for dark web browsing, depending on the fact that it bears so many advanced security features.


6. Firefox


You might be confused when we mentioned Firefox. You might wonder if Firefox being a regular browser, how will it be used for surfing the deep web links? Well, Firefox is just not a standard browser. You will be able to see it grouped with Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and more. However, Opera is also not just a regular browser. 

Firefox requires to be routed for connecting through the Tor network to provide you with entirely anonymous web surfing. Thus, you will have to configure the proxy access manually, which is very simple. Tor listens to port 9050 by default. This is one thing that you have to set in your configuration. You will need the proxy server You must also check if you are connected to the Tor Network by visiting the alongside using a premium VPN for additional privacy. You can use this as a dark web browser iphone or dark web browser android.


7. Waterfox


It is one of those dark web browsers that is open-source and Firefox Based. However, it is not connected to Mozilla usually. But it connects to Mozilla periodically for protecting the users from malicious add-ons. Waterfox is available for Mac, Windows and Linux machines along with Android mobile devices. All of these are 64 bit. One of the most attractive features of Waterfox is that it completely deletes all the browsing history, cookies, personal data and passwords after you exit the browser.


8. Whonix


The Whonix browser is another widely popular dark web onion browser that is a Tor-based open-source code browser and comes pre-installed in Qubes. This ensures that you get the same sort of experience and connection as of the Tor browser. You will also be hit by remarkable differences in the levels of security while using this browser. It prevents users from IP leaks, keystroke deanonymization, time attacks and data collection techniques. As this browser is lightning fast apart from the fact that it uses the Tor network, it does not matter whether some malicious code or software bears root privileges. The DNS connection is pretty full-proof that lets you not get tracked, especially if you are using a good quality VPN

The Whonix browser helps you not just get connected to the hidden web pages, but it also helps set up and manage your own Tor server. All you would need to do is available from within the browser and also can be run on a virtual machine. The Whonix bears some other unique features as well, which you can find on the official website of Whonix. Summing up, if you need to experience a mind-blowing dark web browsing with powerful features, you must definitely choose Whonix


9. GNUnet



It offers decentralized and peer-to-peer-communication. It is done via Bluetooth, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP and WLAN. It permits its users to know which users are trusted and which are not. This is a method to protect users from possible attacks. It also shields the sensitive information. One of the chief goals of the GNUnet browser is to protect the PII number less prone to be exposed. 


10. ZeroNet


Another decentralized peer-to-peer tool for communication is ZeroNet. It utilizes the BitTorrent Network and Bitcoin cryptography. It can also be used for publishing websites and sharing files. In this case, the sites are identified with a public key and not with an IP address. However, this is not a complete anonymous networking platform. Like many others, it permits the connection to the Tor network. But this may affect its speed. The best part of this browser is that you can use ZeroNet without an internet connection. 


How Does The Deep Web Browsers and Dark Web Browsers Work for Keeping Privacy?


You might already be keen enough to know how the dark web browsers work for anonymous web surfing. Let us dive in deep!

At the first place, the dark web websites and servers are connected by the Tor Network. On the contrary, the surface web or the clearnet consists of websites like Amazon and Twitter that you access regularly. The surface web is accessible easily as the search engines indexes it. All you require to do is simply type in your query in the search engine and press enter. 

However, there have been scandals with various clear web websites such as Facebook where the researchers have claimed the company was tracking its users and the websites where the users were visiting. Google has been using this technique for a long time to improve its advertisement network and eventually make more money. Websites generally track you for providing you with a personalized experience. A government agency or a hacker can easily track where you had been and what you had been doing on the internet.

You may not like this fact, or if you are the resident of a country where the Surface Web is restricted or blocked, then you have to use the dark web. You will not require any technical stuff. You will have to open the browser and connect it to the Tor entry node that further connects you to the Tor Network. Additionally, you have to use the VPN

After you are connected, your internet traffic will bounce around the world to several other servers and computers that are connected to the Tor Network simultaneously. This would require three connections whatsoever. This implies that if anyone is trying to trace your internet traffic, they will just be able to see a meaningless lump of data that cannot be translated into anything which minimizes the probability of you getting tracked. Also, this does not mean you are entirely safe when you are accessing the dark web with the help of the Tor network. 

With the help of this article, we have strived to provide you with a clear picture of what an excellent dark web browser seems for the various devices including the tor browser for android. With the modernization in technology and hack strategies, it becomes really difficult to cope with hackers and cybercriminals. These malicious guys use various techniques to get hold of your data and your identity that they sell on the different dark web markets and deep web forums. To protect your identity, you would need a strong VPN and any one of the aforementioned deep web browsers from the dark web browsers list that suit your requirements. 

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