Darknet Illicit Drug Sales: Federal Court Sentenced 4 People


A federal court in Arizona has trialled four men of a ring that sells Illicit Drug on the Darknet. According to the readings in court by the prosecutor, the federal authorities had observed the illicit business for long. Explicitly, the authorities followed the online transactions and dealings of the ring. The authorities also discovered a business called in Mesa from an interception of a package that was shipped through the United States which was meant to be the Arizona drug hub for selling and distributing Illicit Drugs to dealers and addicts across the United States.

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The prosecutor said the drug ring sold cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other hard Illicit Drugs on the anonymous marketplace called the Darknet. The ring also boosted a high rating and good online reviews, speedy shipping and customer satisfaction, the prosecutor added. Eventually, the widespread of opioids across almost all communities in the United States was basically powered by the dealings of this Arizona-based drug trafficking business.

The prosecutor also found out that, most of the drugs that were seized tested at 99% pure. Also from the prosecutor, the four trailed suspects have been using the Darknet to advertise and transact various types of Illicit Drugs for more than two years thus from 2015 to 2017.

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The prosecutor recounted one of the suspects, Kevin Dean McCoy, who was only skilled with high computer knowledge. McCoy was found to be a co-leader of the business and was a technical expert alongside a former Firestone Tire mechanic called Silvester Ruelas who together managed to establish an advanced Illicit Drug operation on the Darknet marketplaces to advertise the drugs.

The 28-year-old Arizona State University student, McCoy, got a job as a mechanic to support him and family and that’s where he meets a co-worker Ruelas who later became a key cooperate for the drug business. In a plea agreement, McCoy said their aim was to establish an efficient drug-trafficking organization which will grow and bring them significant profits. McCoy declares he was the boss responsible for running and maintaining the vendor page and also exchange the digital currencies derived from sales.  He also added that with his technical knowledge he encrypted their communications to thwart the efforts of law enforcement and also provided the technology to make their dealings in the United States.

The profit made from the ring was not certain but looking at some findings there is no doubt they made much money. The federal authorities found gold, platinum, silver bars, and very expensive watches and jewellery that worth a lot. The authorities in a search at Ruelas’ home in Peoria also seized a 50-calibre sniper rifle, Uzi submachine gun, an AK-47 rifle, a Mossberg shotgun, and another firearm.

Although prosecutors wanted a life sentence for McCoy, the court last month only gave him a 15-year jail term whiles Ruelas was given a 20-year prison sentence. McCoy’s girlfriend, Amber Worrell was also given a 10-year jail term and finally Peggy Gomez who was said to open fake accounts for the ring received a 5-year jail term.

Source: AZ Central

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