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Mirror: silkroadxxxxxxxxx.onion
V3 Link: Coming soon
About: Silk Road 4 is a market place with the user’s interest at its core. We bring the original characteristics, tendencies, and ideologies of Ross Ulbricht’s original Silk Road together in one marketplace with added security, vetted vendors, and advancements in leadership. Silk Road’s aim is to provide the best possible service while maintaining confidence from its users and vendors via communication, loyalty, and perseverance.
We welcome any comments or suggestions to make the site better, make sure to only use the silk road URL/link listed above.


504 gateway errors after initial captcha

is it shut down?

waiting for an order, and now it seems that silkroad  doesnt exists anymore?? does this happen allot??

Not working on my side anymore

I did 2 orders a month ago but the website seems to be not accessible. Getting “504 Gateway Time-out” error. Any thought ?

Never received my order

Never received my order from seller xKing on here. Tried opening a support ticket to no avail.

Works like a charm

Have been using it for a couple of orders now and all were received.

not much luck with SR4
  • Nothing from NL to UK. UK to UK good. Now I can’t even open support tickets. got a letter from UK border agency. 5 lsd tabs seized. How does that happen? Tasteless, odorless, weightless …
is exitscam be aware

vendors can no longer acces vendor pages, so they cannot send products. Be aware everyone on the site gets scammed

Silk Rip Off 4

Put thru £300 to the requested address and still says waiting for buyer to pay. No replies  on the site to my tickets, no support, steer clear and don’t risk your money. Used to be 100% but now it’s a scam to take BTC. STEER WELL CLEAR.

No delievry, no communication, looks like site starts scamming

I have orderd via SR4 end of last year and it worked like a charm. Tryed again it in Feb this year, ordered, paid, but never received goods. So tryed the same via SR4 by two other vendors, mabe the first vendor is a asshole. But same shit again. So I send messages to vendors, no responce. Opened a ticket, no responce from SR4. I belive they catch the BTC and keep it as long as they find people who belive this fake marked place. So stay away from Silk Road 4!


Ordered a cc got ripped for 400$ after making payment no support. Been 4days since the order..Complete scam website stay away!!

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