Important Things You Must Know About PO Box For Mail-Order Drugs

Important Things You Must Know About PO Box For Mail-Order Drugs


Discover the essential facts about using a PO Box for mail-order drugs. Stay informed about the pros, cons, and legalities. Make informed decisions for responsible actions.


Exploring the world of mail-order drugs? Learn the ins and outs of using a PO Box for such deliveries. This guide unveils crucial insights to help you make informed and responsible choices.



PO Boxes Can Be A Great Way To Get Drugs Or Other Illegal Stuff


I've opened a few boxes myself over the years under a bunch of different names. My favorite was a box whose holder was named Norton Leight, PO Box 5. Unfortunately, you can't open a PO Box under a fake name like me, since you need a photo ID to do that.

What you don't need is a car or driver's license. A state ID card should do the trick and is much easier to get.


It's not a good idea to use any kind of identity fraud to get this and the PO Box because that's what Postal Inspectors want the most.


No matter how you get it, you’ll need a state ID with a fake name. Another thing you’ll want is mail going to a fake street address, which is often very helpful if you can’t get any “normal” photo ID.

Clerks often allow private sector ID’s (like a business ID badge), but in this case, they’ll want a letter that goes to your “street address.” Of course, you don’t want your actual street address.

The letter must be round dated or otherwise cancelled.

There are two straightforward methods for accomplishing this task.


  • If you want to cancel your PO Box, there are two ways you can do it. First, you'll need to find an address. Public buildings or empty houses are great places to start. Then, take out a professionally printed or other professionally-looking letter and take it to a post office other than the one where you want your PO Box

The safest way to do this is to give it to a clerk and ask them to round-date it right away to make sure it's accepted on time. (For example, it could be a credit card, etc.) Once the round-date is done, pretend to be really mad that you didn't attach your check or something like that. Nine out of ten times, you'll get your PO Box back. If they ask, just walk away and tell them you forgot the check book. They probably won't ask anyway.


  • The second and riskier option is to go to a small rural office where there is typically only one person working at a time. Give them a reason to look behind the desk. A good one is to be indignant because your social security check hasn’t arrived yet. Even if they do come back, they’re probably just getting a cup of coffee or blowing you off. They know when they’re coming; we don’t lose them, no matter what. Put him out of your way. 

There’ll be a rubber stamp near his window console that says “Round-dater.” Use it, and use it fast. Even if it’s a camera, the image will be so bad that they won’t be able to identify you. The tapes used are 24-hour tapes and have terrible quality. They’re re-used on top of everything else.


Once you have your PO Box, perform the following steps:


  • To make things look legitimate, subscribe to a few standard magazines or have a few standard catalogs sent there on a regular basis.
  • When you open your box, make it a habit to look inside and see if there’s a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the box.
  • On the two times I've been asked to keep an eye on names and addresses that go into a box, there's a little "cover" that the inspectors put on the box. There's a little paper attached to the back of the box that tells the box clerk what to write down.
  • Papers are usually hung on the back just stating the name of the box holder, so you should be able to identify the paper hanging on the back.
  • The first thing you should do is remove the paper. It’s normal for the paper to come off. Don’t worry about it.
  • Don't check your mailbox every once in a while. Make sure you do it on a different day each week.
  • Box lobbies in small rural offices are usually open 24/7, so don't miss out!
  • In the dark, you can see if someone is following you, and you can change the time you check this box.
  • In most cases, they will follow you to your box, knowing you will open it, and then pop you right on the spot.
  • I once had a child porn trader get pinched for using a box at my office. They know exactly when he will check his box. He drove across state on business a few times a week and checked his box at the regular time. He was stupid. It wasn’t just for trading dirty child porn. They would keep his box open for months on end and use it to hurt people all over the world.
  • If you get pinched, make sure your correspondents know about it.
  • Make it easy for them to know when something is coming to them.
  • They know to clean the house if it’s not on the plan.
  • The only thing to do is to be more cautious than necessary. A PO Box is an excellent solution.
  • It’s where I always buy my drugs, and I encourage you to use it to your advantage.


UPS Store and PostNet, on the other hand, are much less stringent in terms of security. You can buy private mail boxes at Mailboxes etc. [which is now the UPS Store]. However, I do not trust them.