Two Dark Web Pedophiles Jailed for Sexually Abusing Children for Over 20 Years


One of the worst ever dark web pedophiles case to hit Germany has seen two men sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing children for over 20 years. The duo reportedly abused over 1000 children within that time frame and profited off the videos by uploading and them on many dark web marketplaces. The two men sold over 450 videos on the dark web within the time of their crimes.

The two dark web pedophiles were convicted by the Detmold district court of sexually abusing children and for making child pornography in over 450 cases. Some of the victims of the duo were as young as four and three years old, but that did it prevent them from raping them and recording the act for their dark web business. They were facing hundreds of charges for their crimes.

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Andreas V, a 56-year-old was handed a 13-year prison sentence, whiles his compatriot, 34-year-old Mario S was also sentenced to 12 years in prison for their crime over 20 years. The duo didn’t have their full name revealed, due to German privacy laws which prohibit law enforcement from doing so. Andreas and Mario started their dark web pedophile ring in 1998 and managed to abuse kids without authorities knowing about it until 2018.

Some of the children the duo abused usually went to a holiday camp, located in Luegde Forest. Further reports suggest that Andreas also lured children to a caravan where he raped them.

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These children included his six-year-old foster kid, whom she used to entice other kids to visit. According to the public prosecutor, 34 girls and boys have been sexually abused at the campsite by the two dark web pedophiles.

According to the verdict, the two men will be held in preventive custody, after their release from jail, a condition which only exists for the most dangerous criminals. The duo could also end up spending what’s left of their crime-ridden lives.

Anke Grudda, the Judge, who presided over the case, said that she was horrified and was lost of words to describe the extremity of their crimes. “Words like vile, monstrous, despicable, are insufficient to describe these deeds,” she stated.

Reports from investigators revealed that the two dark web pedophiles were able to carry out their crimes at the campsite undetected because of the number of people who were visiting and leaving. The same factor is now the stumbling block investigators are facing, in trying to contact most of the families of the victims who attended the campsite within the period of the abuse.

Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, a child sexual abuse commissioner, revealed that just last year alone, the North Rhine-Westphalia state, which covered the forest, saw investigations into over 2,500 cases of abuse. Rörig stated that the circumstances of child abuse and sexual violence have escalated due to shocking clueless and inappropriate lack of concern.

According to reports, Social service workers were visiting the campsite four hours a week and talking to Andreas, who was then registered at the camp as a permanent camper. Despite these numerous visits, they, however, failed to find anything suspicious.

Reports from the German police stated that Andreas later became the leader and mastermind of the pedophile gang. He reportedly used a van belonging to his family for their operations for over ten years and made many of the videos in it before selling them on the dark web.

Andreas V was given the green light to become the guardian of a 6-year-old foster daughter in 2016, despite being numerous sexual abuse allegations against him. This revelation caused an uproar of public anger as to why he was allowed to foster children despite all the signs which gave him away as a pedophile.  A lawyer who represented three of Andreas’s victims, Roman von Alvensleben, told reporters that he found it absurd to gift someone who lives in a caravan or a shack, the right to the life of a child.  “This foster child became a bait to lure and attract other children,” von Alvensleben stated.

The district council responsible for police oversight, Axel Lehmann also expressed his displeasure at how this happened. He stated that the North Rhine-Westphalia was regarded as one of the safest regions, yet trained individuals made considerable mistakes.

Law enforcement also seized over 40 hard drives, ten computers, nine mobile devices, and over 400 additional data carriers as evidence from the culprits. Another man, Heiko V., who was also arrested, was charged with aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of children. In a separate trial in June, Heiko was instructed to attend therapy in addition to a two-year probationary sentence. The local Youth Welfare Office has since launched an investigation as to how Andreas V. was allowed to foster a child.

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