Dark Web Social Security Number Alert Service to Get Launched by Capital One


The dark web has immensely experienced the continuous growth in the burglary of the personal information from various websites and database and they are being put up for sale at a price that is varied from one dark web market to the other.Capital One is such organization that have suitable precaution to negate such unintended threat.  The Social Security numbers (SSN) and the credit card information are sold on the  in several batches and then they are utilized for various malicious activities such as the phishing, identity theft, fraudulent purchases that leaves the unsuspecting victims entangled with the legal and financial issues. Many of the dark web hackers reach out for the credit card information as it is the soft target for them. All of such cases have pushed the industry to monitor the services.

Capital One, a credit card issuer has launched a service that alerts the relevant consumers in case their information is found. But the only thing that is they would not be charging anything against the service. Capital One has already launched a credit-tracking program named CreditWise. While the new Social Security Number Tracking and alert service will be available to everyone owning a credit card. The credit card scams have been trending on the dark web in the recent years and so is the information sold on the dark web having buyers proceeding to max out the credit limits. The CreditWise program involves three features as follows:

  • The subscribers will be able to receive the alerts from Experian and the Transunion about any significant changes to the credit card reports.
  • The subscribers will be able to receive notification in case their SSN is used to apply for credit anywhere.
  • The latest upgrade to the service permits the subscribers to receive the alerts if any of their personal information is detected on the dark web.



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