Vendor Verification Announced on Tochka Market


One of the most popular darknet markets, Tochka, has successively earned a very strong user base of both the customers and the sellers in a very short time span. The Tochka market was established back in the year 2015 and the market was successful in winning the trust of the people very quickly who carried out anonymous transactions using the dark web. The reason behind the popularity of the Tochka market is that the market maintains complete transparency unlike many other similar markets.

Tochka market is not an old darknet market and hence this year the market is going to celebrate its third anniversary. The website has announced an expansion of the business with a brand new system known as Vendor Verification. The admins of the dark web market, Tochka, has announced that the new system is meant to determine the scammers as the user base of Tochka is in its growth phase.

Tochka being a Russia based darknet market operates in Russian, Engli9sh, German, Spanish and various other languages. The operation in several languages gave rise to the ease of communication which furthermore has attracted over thousands of the buyers and sellers as well from across the world making the maximum use of the dark web market.

As already stated, the well renowned Tochka market is all set to expand their business by adding Vendor Verification that means that the vendor needs to verify his or her identity before any transaction. This process is very common in almost all of the well renowned websites as these websites possesses this verification process for security. But the major difference in these darknet websites is the highly secured and maintaining anonymity. The other feature that attracts a lot of people is that the sellers are permitted to post any item and sell it to the highest bidder.


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