World History Experiences Substantial Data Leakage Through a Teenager


A 20 year old local student of Germany has been arrested for conducting unauthorized access to the most confidential information and publishing massive amount of personal data on the internet of hundreds of public figures last month including the politicians, journalists and more. The data leakage is considered to be the greatest data breach in the history of data breaching.

The German Federal Police is reluctant to reveal the identity of the guilty. But he was arrested from his parent’s house following a raid in the West-Central German State of Hesse on a Sunday. The police had their hands on some of the young man’s belongings such as the computer that might be used to conduct the data leakage as the computer’s condition revealed the suspect might tried to destroy it.

The 20 year old suspect confessed that he is the only person involved in the data leakage and stated the cause of this activity as the anger at their political statements. The senior prosecutor and the Federal Criminal Police Office officials have interrogated the suspect on 7th of January where he conceded all the allegations made against him. As there was a lack of detention ground, the suspected local was released and the provisional arrest warrant was cancelled.

Inspite of not being a professional in the arena, the accused managed to access the data and cause personal data leakage of about 1000 people of high status. He confessed that he has published all the information on Twitter under the username @_0rbit. He has released telephone numbers, chats, addresses, credit and debit card data and several other identity copies of the victim. The police have taken steps to take down all the released information about the victims as soon as possible so that the victim does not go through any problems.


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