How the Ex-Investigating Agents of Silk Road Got Busted


The former federal agents Carl M. Force and Shaun W. Bridges (Silk Road Agents) were charged with money laundering, fraud and a couple of other offenses as it were known that they stole Bitcoins while investigating events at the most famous underground black market known as the Silk Road. During the Silk Road event, the 46 year old police, Force was putting on the hat of a DEA Special Agent while Bridges, the 32 year old police was operating as a Special Agent of the Secret Service. At that time, they were a part of the Baltimore Silk Road Task Force that was assigned the job of investigating the illicit activities taking place at the Silk Road. As per the reports, Force was accused of the conflict of interest, money laundering, stealing the government property and engaging in fraud. The other convict, named Shaun Bridges (Silk Road Agents) was accused of the wire fraud and money laundering.

During the investigation of the case, Force has extorted a humongous amount of 1,200 Bitcoins from the founder of the Silk Road. With the intention of converting the Bitcoins into cash, he did open an account on the Bitstamp that is a Bitcoin exchange based in Slovenia. To open the account with the Bitcoin exchange, Force had to produce address proof, driver’s license and Social Security card that led to his arrest. All of these items were linked under the name Eladio Guzman Fuentes that happens to be the undercover name of Force while operating as DEA Special Agent. All of these documents were passed on to the general counsel of Bitstamp named George Frost who took a very little time to find out that all of the documents submitted by the cop was actually forged and these documents acted as a supporting evidence.


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