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Data Scandal: A lot of cybercrime scandals have been exposed in the past, but now a data scandal has been revealed where one whole nation’s security is kept on the sale. Russians have found themselves in a whole new genre of data scandal where even some government officials are involved. They had put on a sale of valuable Russian official data to notorious personalities.

Russian capital Moscow has over 3000 security cameras installed all over the city, controlled and continuously monitored by the police. This whole setup can be viewed anytime from the interface employees of federal government bodies like the Moscow Mayor and their authorized officials, law enforcement and executive authorities. The corrupted government officials are selling their login details of the most important websites on the dark web for mere money.

However, local investigative media house MBKh Media has reported that access to the live stream and other technologies is being sold on chat rooms and Dark Web forums. According to the news report, the data itself is being sold by government bureaucrats and law enforcement officials, all of whom have access to the Integrated Center for Data Processing and Storage (YTD), the system that stores the data. Once the fraudulent buyer makes the payment through the portal they are issued a different link to the portal that giver they access to the city’s security cameras and CCTV footage. The government officials can even sell their login credentials which can give the hackers unlimited access to the footage of the cameras.

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Andrey Kaganskik, the journalist who was the pioneer of the investigation, reported that the price of the admission t other top-secret cameras footages of security CCTV cameras is 30,000 Rubles (about $470). Andrey tested how the system works, to make a full proof report that how they are selling the information to the hackers on the dark web. So he went ahead and Andrey provided one of his to a seller on the dark web. The search showed 238 results all found from 140 cameras. Other than just their faces their addresses could also be found along with other information like the time when they have captured on cameras and whether that was the first time they were captured on city cameras or they have been regularly on cameras. Humorously enough, not a single result was belonging to the investigator. Still, he reported that the facial features they found out from the dark web were similar to the input and the system scored a similarity grade of 67%.

This news is like the last nail on the grave of Russia’s internal security and trust that it used to rest with the government officials and bureaucrats, and public agencies concerning privacy and data protection. In last July, BBC Russia had reported that the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russia’s primary security agency (tantamount to MI5 and the FBI) had been aimed for by in a data theft that leaked almost 7.5 terabytes of data, which is huge and cannot be expressed in numbers that how much impact it had on the national security.

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The group of hackers who attacked the site was the ov1ru$ group. The cybercriminals hacked into Syntech, a major contractor company who work for FSB, and that time was working with several internet projects, they stole the file with the Digital Revolution (a larger, activism-centered hacker group), who disseminated the files all over the internet. The shared data showed efforts by SynTech and the FSB to remove on social media platforms (including LinkedIn and Facebook), had collected the aimed data, and re-anonymizing user accounts of the most popular privacy-focused Tor browser.

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