Bitcoin Cash Had Established a Mid–Term Bottom


Bitcoin price (BCH) or the price of Bitcoin is headed towards the north as growing selling pressure increases and has settled at $10,000. The ability of bitcoin to hold above the price levels is a sign of bullishness as it is a signal to the bearish market sentiments that the price of the Cryptocurrency BCH will not reach the $9,000 region.

The price of bitcoin reaching the 10.000 dollar mark as elicited a response from one of the prominent analysts to express that the Bitcoin has reached a mid-term bottom which is the precursor to the beginning of the next upward movement in the price of the Cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin as of recently has been trading at a price of $10,300 which is nearly up 3% a decent gain from its 24 hour low of $10,000. According to Satoshi Nakamoto, the market capitalization of the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency the largest digital coin asset in the world stood at $ 185,784,300,332. It is a highly likely scenario that the Bitcoin price will not go above the $10,000 mark as it has not been able to rise above the price range in recent time. Though the price of bitcoin has not seen cross the barrier of the upper $10,000 mark it is a bullish sign for investors which mean that the gains are imminent in the coming weeks and months. In a recent interview with a newspaper, a prominent trader who has correctly predicted the price movements in the crypto markets told journalist according to him the price drop to a $9000 level mark may indicate that the crypto has reached a midterm bottom. According to him, the coming days will be vital for the crypto as it will confirm the view that the BCH currency prices have really reached the mid-term bottom.

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