Polish National Receives A Three-Year Suspended Jail Sentence For Dark Web Extreme Child Porn


Wojciech Odrobina, a Polish National living in the Republic of Ireland has been handed a three-year suspended jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to all charges against him. Odrobina, of Prospect Woods, Longford in July this year, pleaded guilty in Carrick-on-Shannon Circuit Court to possession of 847 images of extreme of child pornography and now has his jail term suspended for two years.

During his sentencing, the Donegal Town Circuit Court heard that the Polish national had images of children as young as five, children’s genitals and even images of rape of babies. Odrobina downloaded the images from different child porn sites on the dark web and admitted to sometimes just looking at these images of children getting abused occasionally.

Odrobina’s arrest came after officers of gardai, found 847 indecent images on his computer after they executed a search warrant on his Carrick-on-Shannon apartment, in August 2013. The Polish National was not in his apartment during the search and afterward contacted gardai about a burglary in his apartment.

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After his arrest, he confessed to officers to downloading extreme child pornography from the dark web, during interrogation at Longford Gardai station. He stated that he was the only occupant of the Carrick-on-Shannon apartment searched by gardai and thought the images he downloaded were part of the packages on the dark web and was unaware of their content. The Polish National added that he only searched for underage girls and then got carried away with the suggestions he got on his search results. He also stated that the images he downloaded were just for personal use and not once did he share them with anybody.

Sergeant David Donnelly of Gardai stated that the sites Odrobina was accessing weren’t just some website you stumble on. He added that you actively have to do an extensive search on how it is used as well as have a detailed amount of computer knowledge to know your way around it, let alone download 847 images.

During his sentencing, the Polish National expressed remorse and told the court he was ‘very sorry’ for using the dark web to access and download those vile images. He added that even though there are is no excuse for his action, he blames some of it on his own childhood as he and his sister were victims of abuse at home and described the whole situation as a ‘nightmare’.

Odrobina stated that he developed this problem due to the constant terror he had to face as a child and that he was “too embarrassed by this shameful problem to seek professional help”. The Polish National also described how his life was ok until he wandered into this filthy habit and depression after he lost his sister in 2012. He however once again told the court that he is sorry and none of those incidents should have made him do what he did.

Odrobina, since 2014, had been in a treatment program which he voluntarily signed up for and has and participated many in one on one therapy sessions. Court documents revealed that he had met with his therapist every second week of the month in Dublin until recently and that was because his therapist stated that, the Polish National didn’t require any more intensive therapy.

Polish national

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Judge Aylmer, during the sentencing, told Odrobina that, these images in downloaded were very extreme and young children getting abused in that extreme manner made it an aggravating factor. Judge Aylmer acknowledged Odrobina’s cooperation with gardai and as well as the fact that he had no previous convictions. He added that Tulsa had closed the case, which meant that, the culprit wasn’t deemed a threat to children anymore.

Odrobina, since his arrest in 2013, has married and has two kids. He is currently employed at a prominent building firm as an architect in the Republic of Ireland.

Source: Leitrim Observer

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