Park City Drug Case: Motion to Suppress Arrest Statements Filed by Teen

Drug addiction concept and substance dependence as a junkie symbol or addict health problem with cocaine hroin cannabis alcohol and prescription pills with 3D illustration elements.

In the year 2018, a teenager from the Park City of Utah aged 17 years was charged with four counts of the drug related felonies by the local law enforcement. The teenager was accused of ordering drugs from the dark web and distributing the supplies amongst friends that led to the death of the two adolescent boys. During that time, some of the fresh details have emerged that concerned the case against her.

Via her attorney named Mary Corporon, the Park City High School teenager is pursuing a motion to suppress the statements given during her arrest. The attorney has argued that the officers who have been handling the case after her arrest have ignored her attempts to invoke her Miranda rights. Later, they presented her with Miranda rights in written form and not in verbal state.

The attorney has further claimed that during the accused’s arrest at McDonald’s, two officers in informal detained her without identifying themselves and that they have escorted the teen out into the parking lot prior to handcuffing her and presenting her with their official badges. It was also claimed that the videotape of the interview displayed that her client was crying hysterically while uttering some statements that could not even be understood. Her client also claimed that she was not sure what was good for her and what not and she wanted to go home. Mary also claimed that her client was trying to invoke her rights while the officers overlooked every bit focussing on the procedure. On 19th of April, the case (Park City Drug Case) has been set to go to trial at the Juvenile Court in Summit County of Utah where it will join the lawsuits that has been launched by the grieving parents who lost their children as a result of the drugs allegedly provided by the defendant.


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