New Delhi College Students Arrested for Purchasing Drugs on the Dark Web


Two college students from New Delhi have been arrested by the crime branch of the New Delhi Police for trafficking drugs that they have bought from the dark web. The accused were identified as Sahil Kadyan (25 years of age) and Ridham (22 years of age) and both were the college students of New Delhi. The authorities have stated that the duo operated a drugs syndicate that they used to purchase online through the dark web from U.S. and several other locations all throughout the world. It was then found out that later the drugs procured from the dark web were distributed around New Delhi by the suspect duos.

The police has confirmed that they have managed to recover a good amount of drugs that included a total of the 7 kilograms of marijuana that has been stuffed in several cartridges and 50 grams of charas (a hashish form of the cannabis that are made in India). The Law Enforcement officers also stated that all of these drugs have been imported from U.S and the suspects have targeted the festive season to procure the different forms of the marijuana and were sold on the New Year’s Eve in the major Indian locations such as Delhi and Goa. The commissioner of New Delhi Police, Rajiv Ranjan, has shared that the arrest was made after the Christmas in a response to a lead that they have received regarding the activities of the two alleged college students (suspects).

A police account provided details of an operation that has added to the already-existing wealth of information about India’s dark web drug market. The authorities had laid a trap near the FedEx office at the Rama Road and grabbed the two suspects when they had arrived to pick up their consignment from the postal office.


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