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Dark Web Marketplace: Dark Web has been a fascinating topic for researchers and scholars who have been interested in the discovering the fascinating world where nothing can be taken for sure. Dark Web is that part of the internet that cannot be accessed by the regular surface engine and you will be surprised to know that, this hidden part consists of 95% of the internet. There are a lot of things that are made available on these markets which makes these markets the most researched topic among dark web enthusiasts and learners. There has been a lot of research that have been done on the dark web marketplace offering sand according to one of the study marijuana account for more than half of the drugs that are sold on these marketplaces and forums. The study was done by a group of local graduate students who were together conducting an in-depth research on the dark side of the internet which is not accessible by traditional search engine. Students from Pardee RAND Graduate School made the discovery after they had gone through hundreds of listing on these websites and came to the conclusion that the escape drug or sometimes popularly known as the gateway drug was the most sold and available items on these websites.

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Most of the markets that operated on the encrypted part of the internet were from America , the most popular being the Silk Road which is now being defunct and has been taken down by the law enforcement agencies. After the fall of these markets, other markets have come up and taken its place. According to the Dean of the university, much of the demand also comes from America. Americans are well known for their consumption of the drugs and banned substances and to satisfy the customers demand also not to get in the lime light, the markets are formed which gives anonymity to both the buyer and seller. According to the Todd Richmond, the director at Pardee RAND Graduate School, the data raises question about marijuana’s growing legal status – the drug is fully legals for adults in 11 states across the United States including in California, and is also used by medical practitioners in the 33 states. The legality has been a growing concern as the black markets will take full opportunity of the legislation brought in by the government.

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Albeit, what this regulation has done is that it has made even more easy for the criminals and others vendors who operate the dark web marketplace to supply their products to customers with impunity and not even care about the law. The finding also has implications for the efforts to halt vaping related issue or illness as many tainted e-cigarettes originate from the dark web. Narcotics are the next thing in the list that was found on this dark web market place after cannabis according to the student’s research. Richmond said that the students have analyzed more than 400,000 listing across two years and then have come out with the result. Jewelry, weapons, financial data, organs, hitman and even exotic animals were also available on these marketplaces. The listings originated from the North American and European countries. Countries like United States, Belgium and France were among the countries from where most of the orders flew in. Drugs posts were spread all over the United States and Europe but the posts of fraud were all originating outside the U.S. According to the professor, he thought this would be more of an international and then an internal American affair. The professor who is overseeing the project told that, the study should be taken with a grain of salt because the data does not include data from Russia.

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