Efficiency of Law Enforcement in Darknet Investigations


Darknet Investigations: The knowledge in the targeted groups needs to be improvised consistently owing to the fact that this would mean a great deal to the law enforcement agencies. Based on the operation type involved, the effort needed will be varying from maximum to severe in some cases. It has also been noticed that the investigators of a certain region call upon the law enforcement bodies of the other parts in the world to assist in some way or the other. One of the key areas that are really hard to deal with is the dark web operations that have proved to be the most complicated ones as it requires a lot of time that extends to weeks to months and sometimes to years. After years to months of investigation and tracing the suspect, finally the investigator gets an opportunity to arrest the suspect and charge him.

Another thing that is considered to be the biggest and even more complex in the darknet operations is the fact that the security agencies tend to seek help of their counterparts. One of the major examples of this is the incident that occurred in July in the year 2017 when two of the most prominent darknet markets were shut down at the same time, namely AlphaBay and Hansa.

One of the significant challanges that are faced by the law enforcement agencies in taking down the markets is locating the servers of the marketplaces which are mostly found in the other countries through darknet investigations. This could lead to consumption of months to monitor activities and identify the specific location. Taking an example, when the U.S authorities were tracing down the founder of Silk Route, Ross Ulbricht, the servers were located in Iceland, it was interpreted that the FBI sought the help of the National Security Agency.


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