Facebook Hacked By Infamous Hacking Gang


Facebook Hack: Few minutes earlier the official Facebook’s Twitter account has announced tweets that “even Facebook is hackable,” all knew it, that it’s going to be something very tricky and embarrassing for the social network sites and the users. But luckily enough for Facebook, that path was covered with efficiency and that too without taking too much time. Unluckily, not before the Saudi OurMine hacking group was unable to publish on Facebook’s social media accounts on the platforms of Instagram as well. The account takeovers, which looked like to have also influence the official Messenger by the house of Twitter account, which had stayed for somewhere less than 30 minutes. Long enough to cause us a plenty of embarrassment for the social sites of Facebook, which is already in the media this week for WhatsApp as one-click attack risk weakness. The Twitter account takeover of the official Facebook accounts had occurred on Friday, in the month of February 7.

The Facebook hack in their Twitter account that had been published a late night tweet to its user base of 13.4 million followers said out that “we are OurMine.” Even Facebook can be hacked but at the minimum their security is better than the social platform Twitter. The compromised social media accounts tweet is stretched to offer security services to improve the level your accounts’ security. It looks like that it was not Facebook itself or its colloquial forces, nor Twitter that had actually been hacked. On the other hand, in the last hack account takeovers by the same group, a third-party marketing company and online platform had utilized to cooperate with the social media accounts as it would seem to be the target. This was talked about with the hacker gang in a Gmail from a Twitter spokesperson who told the media. That statement went on to say, as soon as Twitter was made aware of the problem that the Twitter had locked the weakened accounts and are working tightly with their partners at the Facebook hack team to regain them.


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Jake Moore, a cybersecurity researcher and specialist at ESET have told the news reporters that, in the past, OurMine, the haha reacts on the social media accounts used the vulnerable credentials from dark web sources but as it looks like they have used the old password reset technique to change account passwords, and that has got them in trouble. He had also contacted Khoros, the marketing agency who are concerned, but they are yet to listen to the solution back with any comment or improvement on the status. Facebook has made sure that the Facebook hack in a tweet had once again regained the powers over the compromised account. Some of the business and social accounts were shortly cracked open but they have made a safe haven and restored the permission. If both the Twitter accounts attack techniques and the name of the hacker gang OurMine also rings the bell, that’s because they are heinous and attention seeking hacking group. They have the accounts of other NFL teams and the NFL itself.


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Conditioning and making the situation of itself as a security consultancy, OurMine had always claimed the attacks are made so as to seek attention to weaknesses in the privacy of these accounts. But there is a little debate that it certainly does just that. There is, many will to debate about the legalities of the hacking gang who hack almost every eminent person and tell from their social accounts that their accounts are not up to the mark. We definitely know that this is not the way to advertise your brand or whatever you have in your head. Using these offensive tactics to taking it to legal situation doesn’t even need debating, that is pretty clearly stated.

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