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The Empire Market link came up when AlphaBay Market, one of the most popular marketplaces on the darknet was taken down by the International Law enforcement in July 2017. This fall of the AlphaBay market has affected a lot of users as the majority of them faced losses due to their crypto funds seizure.

During the takedown, the AlphaBay’s admin, Alexander Cazes was arrested and was put behind the bars in a Thai prison soon after. Alexander committed suicide in the prison itself.

The following month after the takedown of the AlphaBay Market from the Dark Web intrigued a group of developers to recreate and establish the then fallen marketplace which gave rise to the Empire Market, a clone of the seized AlphaBay.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a tour of the complete procedure of accessing the Empire Market, help you browse and utilize the listings in the most secured way possible. Though Empire Market is pretty easy to access, you need to make a note that you must not jump straight into the access portion of the market.

So, without further ado let’s get started!

  • Step 1: How Can You Access the Darknet?
  • Step 2: Advantage of a VPN
  • Step 3: TOR Browser Download
  • Step 4: Setting Up a PGP
  • Step 5: Onion URL of Empire Market
  • Step 6: How To Register On Empire Market
  • Step 7: Mnemonic & Login
  • Step 8: Applying Account Security
  • Step 9: Editing Your Profile
  • Step 10: Categories of Empire Market
  • Step 11: Locating The Products
  • Step 12: Checking The Vendor
  • Step 13: Checking the Funds, Deposit & Withdrawals
  • Bonus Step 1: Top 15 Products & Services Available on Empire Market
  • Bonus Step 2: Vendor Profile Settings
  • Bonus Step 3: Affiliate Program of Empire Market
  • Bonus Step 4: Empire Market’s Support & Forum

Step 1: How Can You Access the Darknet?

It is important to keep yourself secured and safe while accessing anything on the Dark Web. This is because the darknet or the Dark Web is very much vulnerable to the exposure of your details to the hackers which would affect you in the long run. Thus, you need to have a running VPN in order to curb the threat.

In this guide, we will be sharing with you all the basic and the most important details of the Empire Market starting from the installation of the VPN, to download and installation of TOR browser, setting up a PGP key and to have funds on your wallet that depends on the virtual currency or Cryptocurrency you prefer.

Current Status of the Empire Market : Online / UP
Drugs Listings2081
Total Listings7954

Step 2: Advantage of a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a widely used anonymity tool and has the capability to hide all your personal information from exposure while browsing the Dark Web. You may check the internet to know more about the VPN and finding the right one for a secured and safe browsing.

Once you are done grabbing the best VPN service according to you, you should proceed to download and install it on your system through which the darknet websites and the Empire Market will be accessed. After you have installed the VPN on your system, simply connect it to a server and follow the next steps.


Here is an important note: You need to run the VPN prior to indulging in any activity on the darknet. You should do it first before proceeding to even the next step. You must also keep your VPN running throughout the process of browsing the Dark Web.

You may also consider using PureVPN which furnishes you with a whole lot of features including some extra features that you would definitely want to have as add-ons.

Step 3: TOR Browser Download

TOR browser (The Onion Router) is the most commonly used browser to access the Dark Web. There are quite a couple more of the darknet browsing browsers. But the majority of the users prefers TOR browser over the other browsers. The best thing about the TOR browser is that it comes with a capability to provide accessibility of the encrypted internet to the users which are not usually accessible through the regular browsers.

You may check out the internet for more detailed information on TOR Browser.

You can download the TOR Browser from the following link:


Note: You must turn on the VPN prior to even downloading the TOR browser. Also after installing the TOR browser, do not experiment with the settings and let the settings be whatever comes as by default. This is because experimenting with the setup may compromise some safety features.


Step 4: Setting Up a Pretty Good Privacy Encryption

Pretty Good Privacy Encryption, most commonly known as PGP, utilizes a private and a public key to decrypt and encrypt the content respectively. It is an important step while setting up the two-factor authentication in the darknet markets. Without the PGP, you would not be able to participate in the Dark Web community.

You may check out the internet for more detailed information on PGP encryption.

Step 5: Onion URL of Empire Market

It is always suggested and advised that you first turn on the VPN and then download the Tor bundle and then install it. Also you must use only the TOR browser to access the Dark Web sites.

After you have successfully installed the TOR bundle, on opening the same browser, you will be able to spot the search engine where you have to paste the links to access the Empire Market.

Below are the links for accessing the Empire Market:

Official .onion URL: xds5nlcdpcxqkvah.onion (LIVE)

Alternative Link: (Up/Down)


Usually, it takes some time to drive you to the website. The time span could range from a few seconds to a bit longer. You need to be patient to access and enjoy the marketplace. Both the TOR and the VPN are working together to protect you and help you get to the Darknet having almost no security issues.

As soon as you hit on the ‘Welcome’ page or the home page of the website, you would need to register yourself before you can proceed further.

Step 6: How to Register On Empire Market

The registration process is meant only for the newcomers. The existing users of the Empire Market link need to login the marketplace using their login credentials. As you click on the ‘Register’ option on the left side of the top bar, you will be redirected to a new screen containing a form where you have to enter the details in order to register to their site.

Note: Be very cautious while filling up any form on the Dark Web sites. It is strongly recommended that you do not use any of your original details to keep data theft or exposure at bay. Read the instructions mentioned in the form carefully before entering anything.

Some of the fields are marked in asterisk which refers to be required information while the others are optional field. The details that are asked in the registration include username, password, a six-digit pin, a login phrase currency and Cryptocurrency that you would prefer. You also need to enter a Captcha code to prove that you are not a robot. The username can be anything but not the real name of the user as they might risk their personal details on the Darknet. The six-digit pin is used to process orders and withdrawals. Though it is not essential to enter the login phrase, it should be provided during the registration for additional security purpose. This is required to determine that a person is on the actual site and not on any phishing site. Getting into a phishing site on the darknet is a common occurrence. In case you have an invite link which is sent to you by any party as a means of a referral link, you can furnish your registration form with that as well. Last but not the least, you need to confirm your registration upon clicking the “Join Empire Market link” button at the end of the form.

Step 7: Mnemonic & Login

The mnemonic is the other important thing that is a string consisting of nine alphabets and is auto-generated after the registration. Please store the mnemonic safely in a place where other people will have no access as it is generated only once and it will be very useful to recover your account if you lose your PIN or password. Without this mnemonic, the support personnel would not be able to assist you in the recovery of your account.

Once you are done with the registration process, you need to login to your account recently created to access and explore the Dark Web. To login to your account, simply head to the login section of the website and provide your login credentials to get into your account.

Step 8: Applying Account Security

Security of the user account is a crucial thing as it will prevent any scam or fraud or even will keep hacking at bay. The Empire Market link account provides you with only 40% of the basic security. You should increase the level of security by adding a PGP, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and a PIN. You need to provide a password and confirm it in order to add the 2FA security to your account. If you fail to do so, your account will not be protected by the 2FA security.

Step 9: Editing Your Profile

After your account creation, you would definitely want to update your account details. The process of updating your account is very easy. To edit your profile, first, you need to login to your account. As you are driven to the homepage, on the top right click on your username. You will be redirected to the update page. All you need to do is change the settings as required and click on the “Save Changes” icon to confirm your account updation.

Step 10: Categories of Empire Market Link

The categories of Empire Market consist of several products ranging from tangible to intangible. You will be able to spot the categories of the Empire Market on the left side of the homepage. The categories are:

  • Drugs & Chemicals – 645 results
  • Digital Products – 299 results
  • Guides & Tutorials – 267 results
  • Software & Malware – 51 results
  • Counterfeit Items – 46 results
  • Fraud – 13 results
  • Services – 2 results
  • Weapons – 1 result
  • Carded items – 1 result
  • Jewels & Gold – 0 results
  • Other Listings – 0 results
  • Security & Hosting – 0 results

In case you want a quick search, you can simply go for the search engine placed at the top of the page.


Of the categories mentioned here, the “Drugs” category is the largest category found in the marketplace. The same category has several subcategories which are as follows:

  • Benzos – 285 results
  • Prescription – 101 results
  • Cannabis & Hashish – 81 results
  • Stimulants – 65 results
  • Opioids – 49 results
  • Weight Loss – 40 results
  • Ecstasy – 24 results
  • Psychedelics – 6 results
  • Dissociatives – 3 results
  • Steroids – 0 results
  • Tobacco – 0 results
  • Other – 0 results
  • Paraphernalia – 0 results

Step 11: Locating the Products

Locating products on the Empire Marketplace is pretty easier and has become easier with the search bar at the top of the page. Fill up the search bar with the required query to get an instant result. Or you may go for the Advanced Search option filling up some more sections like origin country, or trust level of vendor etc. These extra selections serve as the keywords that make the advanced search easier and help the users get straight to the search results in no time.

Step 12: Checking the Vendor

Always make sure that you go through the Vendor’s profile before making any sort of transactions to him or her and before buying the products. There can be frauds or inappropriate vendor might get into your way while purchasing a product from the vendor. Thus, the Empire Market link provides a trust scale to the vendors that determine the level of trustworthiness of the vendors. The lowest value is 1 while the upper limit is 10. In logical terms, the higher the trust value the better is the vendor. You must also check out the statistics and the feedback of the vendor.

Step 13: Checking the Funds, Deposit & Withdrawals

If you want to check the available funds in your account, you can do so by logging in to your account. Head to the right-hand side top portion of the logged-in page where you will find the username. Click on the username and a dropdown list will appear where you will be able to check your available fund.

To deposit funds into the account to purchase goods and services, all you need to do is hit the balance section and scroll down. Soon enough a replica of the page will appear and an address for deposit will be generated. After each and every deposit, a new address is formed which makes it impossible to reflect the older transactions in the new account. For both Bitcoin and Litecoin, only two confirmations are required. If after the deposition the deposited amount is greater, then it is advised to withdraw the surplus and store in the personal account.

On the seizure of the marketplace, the users must take safety measures to protect their crypto funds. The same rule is applicable to the sellers or the vendors also as they are engaged in trading of bulk products. In any case, there happens to be a dispute in favour of the buyer after an order has been processed; the funds are credited back to the buyer’s account.

To initiate the withdrawal of the surplus funds from the third party account, you need to enter the six-digit pin you have received during the registration procedure. You can reset the pin while withdrawal.

Bonus Step 1: Top 15 Products & Services Available on Empire Market link

The following list provides you with the products and services having the maximum results on the Empire Marketplace:

  • Benzos (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Cannabis (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Drugs (Guides & Tutorials)
  • Ecstasy (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Fake IDs (Counterfeit Items)
  • Fraud (Guides & Tutorials)
  • Hacking (Guides & Tutorials)
  • Legit Software (Digital Products)
  • Opioids (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Prescription (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Psychedelics (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Security Software (Software & Malware)
  • Social Engineering (Guides & Tutorials)
  • Stimulants (Drugs & Chemicals)
  • Weight Loss (Drugs & Chemicals)

Bonus Step 2: Vendor Profile Settings

The Empire Market link place does not limit the vendor infestation. Thus anyone can be a vendor in this marketplace. To be a vendor, you have to request for being so and certain factors are put in place to ensure the buyer’s protection.

 The vendor fee in the marketplace is $100 (USD) which is a refundable amount getting refunded after the closure of the account. Well, if someone has a valid proof of being a vendor in some other top marketplace, he or she is not liable to pay the vendor fee.

 To protect the buyers from the frauds that are common in the marketplace, the marketplace suggests them to go for non-use of Finalize Early (FE). Still, if there has been any sort of dispute regarding the same fraud, the seller account will be blocked immediately and the vendor fee of $100 USD will not be refunded.

The marketplace provides strict rules to not involve in any explicit content of children, hitmen services and prostitution. In case something like this is found, the individual account will be terminated.

Bonus Step 3: Affiliate Program of Empire Market link

To achieve more clients, the Empire Market has kept them open to referral program where one member of the marketplace can refer his or her friends and families through a link that is exclusive of each and every member. Whenever the other person joins on the Empire Market through the link and makes a purchase, the referrer will get a 20% share of the profits.

Bonus Step 4: Empire Market’s Support & Forum

The support option on the main menu bar helps you to receive support from the support section of the Empire Market. You would need to provide mnemonic and pin whilst opening a ticket.

On the menu bar, you need to click on the ‘Forums’ to connect to the discussion and register yourself there.

Recently, the Empire Market has performed an exit scam that led to the rise of several Empire Market Alternatives and caused a heavy rush amongst the darknet markets.




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