Drugs Stuffed Children’s Toys Freight Via USPS: Suspects Arrested


Drug Stuffed Toys: Lately, three people were arrested being accused of shipping children’s toys stuffed with drugs through US post offices. The drug bust was conducted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. The suspects hailed from Southern California and used to allegedly operate their business through the dark web markets and sold cocaine along with methamphetamine to users all over the U.S. These sales were done through various darknet markets that included the Silk Road and the AlphaBay, the two defunct markets which they used to receive the Cryptocurrency in a more anonymous way of managing the illegitimate sales.

Three men were arrested lately having names Joseph Gifford, Carlos Miguel Gallardo and Anh Pham who were accused of running a major drug ring that was discovered as a result of the joint efforts by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The news of the drug bust was initially published by the OC weekly which is a newspaper in the Orange County. The report revealed the nationwide narcotics operation that was centred in the South of California.

The kids’ drug stuffed toys that the men allegedly shipped through the US postal services were filled with drugs of two variants namely, cocaine and methamphetamine. The information of the shipments was received by the DEA through a confidential dark web informant that used to sell drugs to one of the arrested men named Anh Pham. The informant started to work with the FBI and DEA attempting to reduce his punishment that was appointed to Pham’s former supplier of drug resulting to violating his probation terms from a prison sentence. Inspite of the motive, the source provided the agencies with sufficient information about the illicit drug transactions. The FBI and DEA agents were into this dark web operation for two years, 2017 and 2018.


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