German Authorities Denies Claim That Jewels Will Be Sold On the Dark Web


Dresden’s Public Prosecutor Office: Precious and antique jewels have been stolen by thieves last year from the Dresden Green vault treasury. The incidents took place last year and some suggest that they are trying to sell the precious material on the Dark Web and the markets that operate on it. An Israeli company made the claim that they had been contacted online but German law enforcement authorities have not received any demand regarding any ransom demand. The precious form of art is called the Breast Star of the Polish White Eagle order. The jewel was made in Geneva, Vienna between 1746 and 1749. It is made up of diamonds, rubies, gold, and silver. The Israeli group made claims that it has been offered two set of jewels, including the 49.84 carat Saxon White Diamond as well as a polish Order of the White Eagles. Both of them of them are encrusted with ruby and diamonds.

Both piece of art were stolen in an audacious raid which was carried out and executed by the criminals on November 25th. The place of raid was from the Dresden museum. The items stolen from the museum as reported by a popular German daily was asked by the gang to be sold for 9 million Euros which is significantly less than their estimated worth. The thieves reportedly demanded the ransom amount to be paid in Bitcoin which is unusual as in most of the cases these types of pay out are paid in cash.

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The founder and the Chief Executive Officer of CGI group (Israeli Group) showed the copy of emails he had received from an unknown source. The actual name is not known but its handle or alias goes by the name of “Dark Grim Reaper”. This was possible because he had masked his identity through the Dark Web channels. The response by the handle stated that it is of no use to hunt them down as the law enforcement will be unable to succeed in their efforts and also told that there is no question of surrendering. The management of the museum has hired the CGI for looking into the matter of theft that was carried out by the unknown source. But in a strange coincidence that the management has revealed that it has asked for no such agency to look into the matter and investigate. The museum authorities have made the announcement in a joint statement with the Dresden’s Public prosecutor office and the Dresden police department.

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The CGI told that it had communicated all the information to the Dresden’s prosecutors office and but the authorities refutes such claims made by the Israeli security organization. In the statement that the Dresden’s office released to the press, it told that it had not received any findings from the Israeli company. The statement also added that the investigative authorities have no such evidence that the precious form of art from the Green Vault was up to for sale. The management of the security firm is perplexed by the stance the museum administrations had taken and are still confused and surprised about the matter. CGI had shared the details of the communication that has taken place between them and the Dresden’s Public prosecutor office but had not received a proper reply. The wire was sent on the January 6th.The news agency tried to reach pout to the public [prosecutors press officer but failed to get any immediate and response and comments.

The founder and man in charge of CGI, told that a well known law firm had hired his company and he had assumed that it was been done to due to the insurance policy on Jewels. According to a German daily, the total amount that was stolen from the museum was worth the around a 1 billion Euros according to market value.

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