Reddit Reports: Customers on Dox Threat by Ex-TradeRoute Market Vendors


The reports from the forum Reddit indicates that some of the TradeRoute market vendors are continuously threatening the former clients of disclosing their information if they are not paid a certain amount of money in Bitcoins. The TradeRoute was a marketplace known as the hub for the various types of illicit goods and services where the customers are likely to get deceived and pay the amount. In case the allegations are fount out to be true, then the information about to be revealed are on the buying habits of an individual and the products they purchase the most along with their username on the TradeRoute Market.

Nevertheless, the possibility of this occurrence is pretty low. This is because if a TradeRoute vendor has made up his mind to reveal any sort of information, then several factors will also work simultaneously that will question them on the method they may have acquired the available evidence, the method they could reach to such information and the way they knows about the customer location. In other ways, the TradeRoute vendor in the process of doing so will be into trouble.

Considering the fear of the users’ that the TradeRoute vendors will report their information to the law enforcement if they do not pay the asked Bitcoins, will all depend on three factors such as location of the client, country of the vendor and magnitude of the crime. This has made clear that authorities of a given country will only get involved in a particular activity that belongs to the criminal nature, though often they launch investigations or conduct arrests if the offense involves their country or citizens in one way or the other. An example to this can be stated on the arrest of the infamous Silk Road’s founder by the U.S. authorities.


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