Data Breach Threatens Foxit PDF


Foxit PDF Software, a company known for its popular lightweight Foxit PDF Reader and Phantom PDF applications being used by over 525 million users, today announced a data breach exposing the personal information of ‘My Account’ service users as a spokesperson announced to the newspaper. This is yet another data breach at a major software major company after the data breach that occurred took the corporate world by storm at Verizon a leading telecommunication giant based in the United States. According to the management of the source of Foxit PDF have been investigating the matter very closely and have initiated an enquiry about the source of this attack and are taking the desired steps that are expected of them. Meanwhile, in a press release, the spokesman of Foxit PDF have expressed sympathy to all their users and account holders and also asked them to reset their account along with their password.

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The Foxit PDF spokesperson also told though a free version of any Foxit PDF software does not require a user account it does require a membership account which aids the customer to access and download the trial version of the software, search for product registration information, and other support information. According to the company sources, the data breach that took place got hold of all the information that was sensitive and confidential. The scammer took vital information pertaining to both the company and customers. The crucial information that was part of the data breach was email addresses, passwords, user names, phone numbers, company name and even the IP address of Foxit PDF. From the company’s statement, it’s not clear, if the leaked account passwords are protected with a robust hashing algorithm and salting mechanism to make it tough for hackers to crack them. However, the company assured its users that no payment card details or other personal identification data of its My Account users had been accessed since the compromised system doesn’t hold this data.

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Source: The Hacker News

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