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Last updated : April 20, 2024

How to Choose the Right Dark Web Vendors?


For newbies, it’s often quite complicated to choose the right dark web vendors among hundreds of dealers selling drugs on darknet markets. That’s why I drew up a guide on how to pick the legit vendors on the dark web based on my personal experience.




High Volume of Sales Isn’t Always Good


Back in 2012, I found out about Silk Road, opened an account on the market, deposited Bitcoin and bought five blotters of DOB from one of the reputable British dark web vendors (I won’t disclose sellers’ nicknames not to promote or to frame anyone). A month had passed, but I didn’t receive my order and asked for a reship. The dealer agreed to send two blotters for free; however, my post box was still empty after another month of waiting. I believed Silk Road was a scam; nevertheless, I decided to give it the last try and purchased five blotters of DOB from one of the Polish darkweb vendors, who didn’t have any feedback at that moment. In 20 days, I got the psychedelics at almost half-price compared to the initial order.

During the next two years, I bought drugs from both new and established dark web vendors. In total five parcels were lost, all of them had to be posted by legitimate dealers, who had 200+ positive reviews. After a package with ten blotters of LSD got lost, I finally made up my mind to change modus operandi. I started to purchase controlled substances solely from newcomers and in four years never received only two shipments, both costing me less than $10.

My advice is not to select reputable dark web vendors and stick to novices instead. I suppose that due to the high volume of trade established sellers scam buyers selectively. This applies in particular to foreign customers, because the order is automatically finalized before the deadline for delivery and several bad feedbacks amidst hundreds of positive ones don’t harm the business. Rookies, on the other hand, value each review and try to do their best to attract clients. Furthermore, if a new seller fails to complete at least 40 successful deals (on White House Market, WHM), he won’t get back a $400 vendor’s bond. In case a dealer gets on the list of scammers, his account will be banned, and his bond won’t be refunded.

To optimize the process of shopping on darknet marketplaces, I use two techniques. Firstly, I select a drug category I am interested in and sort goods by the newest first. This way I look for recent listings added by both old-timers and beginners. Then I sort drugs by price low to high and search for special offers. For example, on WHM, I found 16 MDMA listings at a price less than $2, excluding shipping payment. The cheapest MDMA I discovered cost $1.18 per gram with free delivery and 100% refund – a piece of cake, in my opinion.


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The Shorter The Distance, The Better


You’d better always favour domestic dark web trusted vendors over overseas ones for three reasons. Firstly, national orders will hit your post box faster than international. Secondly, packages sent locally get intercepted less frequently. Post office staff have no right to open parcels, but when workers find something suspicious, they call the police. Therefore, as long as a packet doesn’t smell like cannabis and powder or liquid doesn’t leak from the carton, it won’t be flagged. Last but not least important, if you get caught red-handed with a package containing controlled substances delivered from abroad, you’ll be charged with drug smuggling. While receiving national shipments, you face simple possession or possession with intent to supply charges (depending on the drug quantity).

In case there’re no domestic dealers selling the drugs you want to buy on the dark web marketplace, pick the ones located at the closest range to speed up the delivery. Distance matters and I can prove it on the example of ordering drugs from Russia. As a rule, a package sent from Eastern Europe arrives in Saint Petersburg in 14 days, from Central Europe – in 18 days, from Western Europe – in 21 days, from North America – in 30 days. I suspect the same extension of delivery time is valid for other countries.


Fair Price For A Good Stuff


To save money, you have to find the listing in the dark marketplace at the most reasonable price, and it’s not that easy as it probably seems to be. Let’s consider the example of shopping for cannabis. If you buy 10 grams of hash from a European vendor for $41.35, you’ll likely receive low-quality stuff. On the other hand, dealers from Pakistan and Afghanistan sell top-notch hash for this or even lower price. I once purchased resin from a British and a Pakistani seller. The one which came from the UK cost about $3 per gram and was the worst hash I ever tried – a pale-black waxy substance with a little THC. I paid for the resin from the Asian country $2 per gram and was pleasantly surprised at its potency and fragrance.



The situation with LSD is even worse. I bought cheap blotters from two Dutch darknet vendors and got them tested in a lab by a friend of mine. He didn’t detect any LSD but found DOC instead. I’ve never ordered tabs from the Netherlands again and think that 275ug LSD blotters priced $2 don’t contain any acid.