Darknet Scammers Cashout via Carding Fortnite


Fortnite Carding: There is no denying to the fact that the scammers and the fraudsters will always find a way out to scam people be it in a real world or the virtual world. Lately, the cybercriminals have found a new place to continue frauds that is through one of the most popular online games of the recent times, Fortnite. The Fortnite being one of the leading online gaming, has attracted a large base of the players from every corners of the world. As of now, it has over 200 million registered users and the game by far has made over $300 million.

A most prominent cybersecurity company, Sixgrill, has found out that some darknet cybercriminals have adopted a new way of carding through the use of the game. The darknet cybercriminals depends on the credit cards for accomplishing their crimes.  All they do is they acquire stolen credit cards that will help them in Fortnite carding the targets by purchasing goods with the cards on the game and then sell the carded goods for cash. So, literally, they are cashing out the stolen cards through a famous darknet process known as the “Carding”. Moreover, the game, Fortnite, permits the users to purchase in-game currency known as the V-bucks. With this virtual money, they can easily help themselves having the cashed out currency. They just have to sell the virtual money against cash.

One of the other ways of cashing out money was lately revealed. It stated that the scammers create Fortnite accounts and sells their login credentials like the login id and the password along with the email addresses associated to those login credentials to the buyers on the darknet against a huge amount of cash. The payments are received through PayPal, WebMoney or in the form of Bitcoin. Payment receipts are also spotted to be sold ensuring complete ownership of the Fortnite account to the buyer.


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