Man Hiring Darknet Hire-A-Hitman To Kill Ex-Lover’s Boyfriend Continued


A district court in Singapore today saw the second trail of a man who through what authorities deemed as jealousy hired a darknet hitman to kill a new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend in a framed car accident. According to the authorities, the 47-year-old risk management executive, Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng, was arrested by the Singapore authorities from on a tip-off about the planned murder was given to them by a U.S journalist.

Seng at court for his initial trial on July 17th pleaded guilty to the act of purposefully linking with a darknet hitman to carry out the planned murder.

According to the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Kumaresan Gohulabalan, the accused man refused to move on or get over his strong feelings for his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend Ms Ng Woan Man as he consistently stalked her. When Seng realise his ex-girlfriend had found new love in a man called Mr. Tan Han Shen, Seng made a series of follow-ups to track the movement of Shen in order to effectively link the hired darknet hitman to carry out the murder.

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Furthermore, the prosecutor stated that the means in which the accused man connived with the darknet hitman in almost executing the cold-blooded murder of the young man was mind-blowing, and highly sophisticated altogether with the advantage given by the anonymity of the Darknet, where he hired the human.

However, Lee Teck Leng, who is the defence’s lawyer, claimed that the ex-girlfriend’s new lover was in no form of harm or danger and also stated that the hired darknet hitman was just a scam. He, therefore, pleaded to the court for a jail sentence of two and a half years for his client.

In defence, Leng made mention of two articles to the District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan and the court.

He made emphasis on the first article which was published on the website of the British newspaper “The Times” with the title “Hire-a- darknet hitman website is a scam and its owner has made a killing”. Leng claimed that his client, Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng was the businessman in Singapore linked with those names.

Leng also spoke about the second article which was published in The Wired magazine with the title “The unbelievable tale of a fake darknet hitman, a kill list, a darknet vigilante… and a murder“. Leng claimed a “British vigilante” called Chris Monteiro (who’s extensive interviews are found in the article) gave some information to top U.S media company CBS concerning the dealings and conversations from the hitmen website. Eventually, CBS gave the information to the police which aided in the investigations and arrest of the suspect in Singapore thus Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng.

But, the  Deputy Public Prosecutor responded by telling the court that it shouldn’t give any attention to those two articles, as the “Camorra hitmen” is not proven to be a scam. The prosecutor, therefore, asked a sentence of at least five years’ jail for the accused man.

The court has adjourned the case to September 18, to announce the final sentence for the accused man. Nonetheless, Seng may receive a sentence of up to 7 years in prison.

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