Darknet Heroes League Ceases the Sale of Fentanyl


The darknet market place enables the individuals to purchase any product that is listed in them. The fact behind the products is that most of the products include banned drugs, stolen identities, contraband etc. Nevertheless, some of the recent reports suggest that a couple of platforms have started to withdraw the dangerous listings. One such instance is the Darknet Heroes League which is a popular darknet marketplace that has completely banned the sale of the fentanyl and all its variants through its website. This is because over the years, there has been a hike in the number of deaths that are related to the overdose of fentanyl. Also, the drug authorities are becoming more aware of the emerging connection between the fentanyl-related overdose deaths and darknet markets. It has also been observed that the opioid products such as variants of fentanyl – carfentanyl or ocfentanyl have increased to a greater extent.

According to the sources, this particular step has been taken to protect the life and the health of the opioid users and many other darknet markets have started to adopt this practice. A group of other members in the darknet marketplace purchases drugs from the vendor to test them for purity. The vendors of the darknet market DHL(Darknet Heroes League) were asked to remove the product listings within 48 hour period from the time the notice have been put up. The notice bore a warning stating that the vendors would be stripped of their ability to sell in case they failed to comply. Fentanyl is a product constituting many drugs and it is a synthetically manufactured opioid that is 100 times more potent than the morphine. It has caused deaths of several users when there has been overdose of the drug and also when the peddlers sell the drug as something else.


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