Dark Web Credit Card Scammer Arrested In Thailand


The Thai police have busted a Chinese dark web credit card scammer in Thailand after numerous complaints were made by banks and individuals who fell victim to his scheme. According to the Royal Thai Police, the culprit, Feng Yi Sheng, was arrested after they received a tip-off about his location, which was at the condominium building in Lumpini, Bangkok.

Police Colonel Padol Jandon, briefing the media on the arrest, stated that, the Chinese dark web credit card scammer, was engaged in a large dark web credit card fraud ring, which used hacked and stolen credit card numbers obtained from numerous marketplaces, and used them defraud banks, corporate and financial institutions as well as individuals.

Credit card scammer

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Further reports from the Economic Crime Suppression Division of the Thailand police stated that the dark web credit card scammer carried out most of his illegal activities from the condominium building in the Huai Khwang area of Bangkok, where he was arrested.

After his arrest, the Thai police executed a search in his apartment, where they found 60 fake credit cards, of which half of them were cloned using the stolen information  obtained from the dark web. The credit card scammer would then use the cloned credit cards to undertake many financial transactions in numerous banks. Feng’s arrest came after banks and other financial institutions in the Nonthaburi province, north of Bangkok, suspected that someone was using a fake credit card with data from the real owners to make transactions. The banks alerted the police and gave a description of how the credit card scammer operated.

The Thailand police also seized a laptop, which contained transactions and history of his illegal activities, together with a credit card skimmer, which he used in transferring his stolen data to the fake credit cards. After Feng’s arrest, he confessed to the police and gave a full insight into his dark web criminal activities. The credit card scammer also agreed to give out all his accomplices in the dark web fraud ring.

Feng, also told the police that, most of the stolen data which he used to clone the fake credit cards, belonged to Chinese nationals and that he came to Thailand, hoping to avoid any contact with law enforcement until he was done with a series of his operations. This arrest now adds to a long list of foreign nationals, carrying out fraudulent financial activities on Thai soil.

Credit card scammer

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On October 18, The Thai Police, in a separate operation, arrested two Indonesian dark web credit card fraudsters in Bangkok, after operating there for some time. After their arrest, the culprits, 32-year-old Alexander Eddilias, a 32-year-old and his accomplice, 33-year-old Estie Rusdiana, confessed that they had stolen and hacked information on various dark web marketplaces, and used it to carry out their fraudulent activities.

The police, after a search on their apartment, found stolen credit cards, cloned credit cards, and a credit card skimmer. The police also found 24 credit cards receipts from transactions they had done before their arrest. The two Indonesians were arrested after several complaints from local banks.

Source: Thai Examiner

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