Husband Attempts Purchasing Chemical Weapon from The Dark Web


A former PayPal employee living in California was sentenced to 71 months in prison for trying to purchase a chemical weapon on the dark web in a failed scheme to kill his wife. Sandford Faison, on dark web forums, sought advice on using a specific chemical to murder his wife and purchased the chemical from an undercover federal agent. As revealed in the criminal complaint, Faison never came into contact with a vendor of chemical weapons. Instead, according to FBI Special Agent Emily Sung, Faison had reached out to an “Online Covert Employee” (OCE) of the FBI who had been advertising the unspecified chemical weapon on an unspecified dark web marketplace. Faison ordered and purchased one 10ml vial of the [toxic chemical] and requested shipment to an address in Oakland. In late December, the OCE provided Faison with a USPS tracking number for the package as well as for instructions for locating the ampoule.

  1. What’s the simplest soluble [chemical #1] compound that can pass-thru the blood-brain barrier? Could it be derived from home store products, like acetone, turpentine, etc.?
  2. [Material Redacted from Original]
  3. What is the recipe and process for making [redacted]
  4. Which and where does one get the needed bacteria? Do I just seal it with kombucha for a few days? Should I bother trying to extract ~5g of [chemical redacted] or just buy (more than I need) online?
  5. Any ideas for an anonymous mail drop?

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FBI conducted a controlled delivery and dropped the package off at a Faison’s address. Four hours later, a covert electronic triggering device placed within the package by the FBI signalled that the contents of the package had been opened. After this electronic signal was received by the FBI, the OCE received a message from Faison. Faison told the OCE that the package had arrived safely.

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U.S. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam sentenced Faison to 71 months in prison for knowingly acquiring, receiving, owning, retaining, possessing, using or threatening to use, any chemical weapon, or attempting to do so.

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