Difficulties of Policing The Dark Web


The term dark web gives us a clear notion that the whole thing revolves around crime. It might be pretty easier to have vision about the underground dark web marketplaces being the most helpful thing and the easiest thing for getting rich but the fact behind this is that these dark web marketplaces having association with the individuals do not help them in the long run. However, considering the importance of these dark web marketplaces, a question might pop up – Having so much darkness in the dark web, why doesn’t it come to light? Why so much of policing in the dark web does does not bear instances to the common people? Why is it difficult to police the dark web?

  • No Immediate Threats: It is human brain that stimulates a feeling of the worst things happening to humankind like the crimes that are prevalent in the human society but the crimes in the dark web are different as it contains fraudulent, murders and other sort. While all of us value our privacy but with the dark web it is common having your information leaked.
  • Criminals vs. Law Enforcement: Both the Law Enforcement and the criminals are in continuous race. Thus, by the time the Law Enforcement would take to curb the menace created by the attackers or the criminals, the criminals would find an alternative method.
  • Hindrance by the Jurisdiction: Having negative terms with the jurisdiction of the other country, would prove to be the strongest point for the hackers as he can flee by the time any final decision has been taken on in case no action is taken.

Nothing is Illegal: Though the dark web features all the illegal and as well as the legal activities, yet being on the dark web is not illegal and even trading illegal stuffs is not illegal


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