Dark Web Fentanyl: Reported Trafficking Brought Georgia Couple Behind Bars


Fentanyl Trafficking: A local task force in Cherokee County of Georgia recently seized approximately around 50,000 fentanyl pills in a major drug raid. The operation resulted in the imprisonment of a couple who were accused of pressing and distributing the fentanyl pills from their home in the Woodstock. The accused couple, Frederick Michelsen (aged 35 years) and his spouse Elizabeth Ashley Michelsen (aged 28 years) were arrested for trafficking drugs over the dark web. Not only did the couple engage themselves in the trafficking of fentanyl, but the County Sheriff disclosed of seizing 14 grams of heroin, a pound of marijuana, 50000 pills of fentanyl and as well as Xanax along with an ounce of cocaine.

The Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad’s members could receive the trustworthy information regarding the drug dealing of the couple that took a month. The authorities of the squad used the dark web to carry out their operation and tracked down the culprits. On the day, Fredrick was arrested; the narcotics agents followed him as he left his house from Woodstock. The crime committed by the Michelsen couple was a felony and the agents were asked to immediately take them into custody.

The deputies grabbed Fredrick as he ran a short distance. The couple were taken into immediate custody and search warrants were issued for their home from where they operated and for the storage facilities in Woodstock and unincorporated Cherokee County. Fredrick held several active felony warrants. Another man, named Timothy Andrew Twardokus (aged 47 year) belonging from Michigan was also arrested from the same location in Woodstock. Timothy was initially booked into the Cherokee County Jail but later on he was moved to the prison in the Conn County. According to the agents of Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad, a total drugs amounting to approximately $250,000 in the vacuum sealed bags were seized.


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