Coronavirus: How The Black Market Of Covid Certificates Works


The first tourist to visit our country this year was a 65-year-old Russian who was treated in a Coronavirus Intensive Care Unit.He arrived in Greece on May 29 with a 72-hour negative PCR test, as required by current legislation; however, the fact that he developed symptoms the same day he arrived and was hospitalised three twenty-four hours later in “Papanikolaou” raised questions from the start, as PCR can produce false negative results from self-tests.It was clear that he had crossed the border with a forged molecular test certificate, and the fact that his family had become ill a few days before added to the situation.


Because counterfeit PCR tests are no longer widely used, but disease or vaccination certificates, the “black market” for Covid certificates is unfortunately under pressure. As a result, Europol constantly warns security authorities in all countries to be extremely cautious in their controls.According to information from neighbouring Albania, citizens attempting to cross our country’s border stations obtain a number of false opinions.

Despite the documents, 13 percent of theChowder tests came back positive.

Regardless of the point that on paper, the tourists had specified that they used to be negative in Covid-19, 13 percent of tests conducted previously came positive in continuous checks carried out in customs station Kakavij. Obviously, no-one could have been negative when they left their homes and became infected just a few hours after crossing the border.

There used to be a whole factory that happens to issuedeleterious tests for a fee to help those who wish to enter your country, which defines that another outbreak of infection is created in Northern Greece in this way.

Certificates without barcode in Albania

The problem with tests in Albania is that they are only performed in three hospitals and diagnostic centres, all of which are based in Tirana, and only one of them has a barcode identification code in its certifications.

Consider that in the neighbouring country of approximately 2.9 million people, 133,000 cases and 2,460 deaths have been reported, despite the fact that it, along with Namibia, Nepal, and Libya, is one of the countries that conducts the least testing.

They traffickedcovid documents into France, Britain, Spain

In the United Kingdom, counterfeit Covid 19 documents are also circulating, with police arresting ringleaders who were selling them for 100 100 each. Similarly, irregular coronavirus papers have been discovered in Spain and France, where travellers attempted to pass through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport but were stopped. They later revealed that they had paid 40 euros for each of them.

They were communicating with the perpetrators in Germany via a mobile phone app. Certificates are not yet digital in countries like Germany, as they are in Greece, making irregularities easier.

The situation on the dark web is out of control, but the situation on the so-called dark web, or “dark internet” as it is translated into Greek, is uncontrollable, with the person in question even being able to find vaccines. First and foremost, let us define the dark web in a few simple terms.This is an anonymous website where shadow users can access hidden services. It is made up of so-called dark networks or darknets (usually overlapping networks) that are undetectable by search engines like Google.

To keep the location of each domain hidden, email extensions end in.onion rather,.gr, etc.They can only be accessed with specific software and permissions, and they use non-standard communication protocols and ports. In other words, it is not accessible to everyone by simply typing in an Internet address. He can find anything from weapons and drugs to yachts and human organs if he knows how to get into it.

“It’s our job; we’ve done it before and it went smoothly.”

Currently, certificates of vaccination and coronavirus disease are circulating uncontrollably on the “dark internet,” in any language the visitor desires, with payments for their supply made almost exclusively and only with cryptocurrencies (bitcoin).

Executives from Check Point Software, a joint venture between the United States and Israel, contacted Darknet vendors to learn as much as they could about the delivery, price, and authenticity of vaccination and disease certificates.When they inquired about the required signature of the doctor on every single certificate, the seller guaranteed them that “they have made it several times before and have never had a problem.”

On the dark web, they even sell vaccines.

And because the dark web follows global market trends on the altar of profit, it does not let opportunities pass it by.Despite the fact that a pandemic is ravaging (and) the continent, Check Point executives have discovered widespread vaccine trafficking on the dark internet, which is difficult to find in developing countries like Africa.Only the Chinese Sinovac vaccine and the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine were initially available on the dark web, but now AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are also available, and smaller quantities of Pfizer vaccines are even more expensive.

When did the sale of vaccines begin, and what is the current price range?

Prices peaked at $ 1,000 per instalment at the start of the year, but now that larger quantities are available around the world, the law of supply and demand is in effect, with prices falling to $ 500, and in some cases to $ 200 or more.However, it’s unclear how these vaccines got out of the pharmacy – and in some cases, it’s even questionable whether they’re genuine. “They appear to be legal based on the photos,” the researchers say, “but no one can guarantee it.” Last year, Pfizer discovered fake vaccines in Mexico and Poland, claiming that the alleged doses contained anti-wrinkle treatment.In fact, approximately 80 people were vaccinated with this drug in a clinic in Mexico for a cost of around 1.

They aren’t waiting for you to notice them; instead, they are seeking you out.

The internet sellers aren’t waiting for you to find them; they are actively seeking you out.In what way? By sending tens of thousands of emails to potential victims offering certificates, expedited vaccinations, and other coronavirus-related services. They are not afraid of being discovered because they are hidden behind the anonymity of the dark internet and difficult-to-find servers.Alisverisi is a formidable opponent. On a dark web site, the Reuters news agency discovered someone demanding to work at the Yuhan Chinese Scientific Institute and providing vaccines against Covid-19 in interchange for donations, as well as asking buyers to provide their medical histories.

The world was given dangerous vaccine counterfeits.

Interpol reported in March that South African authorities had seized hundreds of counterfeit coronavirus vaccines. 2,400 doses of an imitation pandemic vaccine were discovered in a warehouse in Germiston, a city with a population of 255,000 people, posing serious health risks to those who received them.China arrested 80 suspects and seized over 3,000 fake vaccines in the same month. Fortunately, no such incidents have occurred in Greece.


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